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    • New player feedback


      hi everyone!

      i did start albion online some days ago and i wanted to give a short feeback from the eyes of a new albion and ex uo, ex swg, ex eve and ex wow(vanilla) player.

      first of i love albion and it really gives me a uo nostalgia feeling :D thats a great thing!!

      the overall feeling of this game is great! i love the gathering and crafting and alsolove the combat mechanics! it is alot of fun!
      i also love the pvp fights, already died with my test char because i did a retard move xD but i wont repeat this mistake^^

      i did start with my main char 2days ago:

      the game is pretty easy to learn and the tutorial was pretty nice but at the same time it felt a bit too easy
      i nearly made 10-20k silver only in the tutorial zone(did upgrade alot of my equipment too)
      and also i leveld alot of new skills i think i have already 7-8 new skill, without spending any learning points and made 10achievment without spending any money (im in free to play mode)(i did achieve this in 2days with each day 4-5hours play time)

      also i have the feeling that the resource spawn rate is way too high! just a example, i can camp 1-2 birch log trees and after 25 sec the trees are back again! this way it was very easy for me to make thousands of silver! it is just too easy in my easy, maybe the devs are using some form of dynamic spawn rate for the high Population we have atm and Maybe this will Change back someday but in my opinion this should not be used in any mmorpg!

      one thing i really like is that the f2p system really feels like f2p, IT IS NOT p2w!!
      this is a big plus because alot of other mmorpgs call em self f2p but they are often p2w but NOT albion!

      but this doesnt mean that i wont spend any money in albion. in the future i gonna upgrade to premium because i wanna support this game and the devs!

      i really love albion and i really wanna play this game for the next few years but the only fear i have is that the devs maybe gonna focus on the bad and retarded playerbase and that albion gonna die the casual death(all my other mmorpgs i playd died because of this)

      i really hope that the endgame of albion focus more on Group play and group pvp,

      i would love to see hard group dungeons, i miss that in alot of todays mmorpgs!
      solo content is a pretty big Nono in mmorpgs if u ask me! sure doing stuff solo like gathering, fishing, open world pve is all fine
      but content like group dungeons should be always more rewarding than solo dungeons or any solo content because this is the core of any sandbox *MMORPG*

      if u look at all the oldschool mmorpgs that got reworked so that any casual can solo any content, these games all died and even the king, world of warcraft lost millions of players because of these changes!

      if solo content is more or same rewarding like group content it will damage or kill the community gameplay! u can see this in every real mmorpg!

      the community should always be the core of any mmo! if u disagree with me than im all for ingame community votes for later gameplay changes and updates!
      runescape uses the same system and it works pretty good (runescape has the highest most active playerbase of any mmorpg…. and the graphics looks like shit xD)
      i would love if the albion devs add this too the game! it would make it more easy for em to see that the active playerbase really want or not want to see in the game!

      it would be nice if the devs give a official statement what their target audience is! i really hope that the devs gonna focus on the experience and more hardcore players because im 100% sure that casuals would destroy this game fast! (or just add the Voting system)

      if u are a casual and dont like my post u can spam me with hate if u want :) but i saw to many games die because of this and i really dont give a s*** about casual opinions^^ im sry for this but thats the truth!

      but now back to topic^^

      some feedback on the server:

      i love the fact that we are only playing on one big server! in other mmorpgs i always did struggle to choose the Right server because i love to play on full/big Pop servers
      this fear is gone in albion because we only have 1 Server and I LOVE IT!!! *ONE GAME, ONE SERVER, ONE COMMUNITY, ALBION!* <3

      the queue times we have atm arent that bad! i really dont understand why so many people cry about it! yesterday i was in qeue 6530 and only had to wait 20-25minutes!
      and i also do understand why we have em! because this game went f2p alot of new players rush into the server and without Queue times, any Server hardware would melt down!
      also i rather wait 20minutes and know that the world is full with Players than playing on a empty dead Server but without wait times!

      some players should really think about it ;)

      also the queue wont stay forever, this will go away in the next few days/weeks after all the tourists and noobs(who cant use their brain) are gone

      also im playing with 100-200 ping and i did never encounter any big lags, even with this high population! :thumbup:

      so atm i have a pretty awesome overall experience and the devs done a nice job! thank u albion devs for this great game, and i really hope it will stay like this! :thumbsup: clap

      i gonna update my post in the next few days/weeks after i got more experience of the group/guild play, pvp and dungeon mechanics!

      pls stay tuned and have fun playing albion <3
      (and sry for my bad english)^^
      |+| Dan420 - Skinner / Fisherman & Sheep-Slayer |+|

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      resource spawn rates have been boosted temporaly to account for the number of players in game. They will be reduced later.
      Also, getting to tier 5 is very easy and fast. This is on purpose, so that new players can reach pvp gear fast. After T5, stuff starts to get slow, but it is still managable.

      Now, rember that whats really important is not the tier, but the specialties. Those increase very slowly, it will take months for you to max them.

      Also, 10 - 20k is nothing in this game. When you start doing pvp you will be wasting 300-400k in just 1-2 hrs of pvp...if you survive that long.