Few questions for the devs

    • Few questions for the devs

      1. Where is the next seasons Round Table list, when can we see it

      2. If I bought 2 founders packs and played on both of them before F2P without premium, shouldn't I be able to play on both of them (within the rules) F2P since I paid for them without needing premium?

      3. Are we getting any new weapons/items in the game that aren't just changing existing items that are under used.

      4. Do you have a plan for New Battlemounts purchasable through energy at lower prices than existing mounts (Cheap battle bear would be sweet to make people bleed)

      5. 1 Handed Sword still sucks give its E a Purge at 3 stacks to make it viable.

      6. With Censors now in the text chat ingame can you tell the mods to lay off muting people excessively.

      7. While normal players are not able to contribute to the round table discussion, in the interest of transparency wouldn't it be good to know who is suggesting what changes and what their interests are?

      8. Can you wish GluttonySDS a Happy Birthday!