Reminder about the Guild Recruitment section!

  • Reminder about the Guild Recruitment section!

    Hi everyone,

    Before posting any updates on your guild recruitment thread, please read the pinned topic at the top.

    Devious wrote:

    Hello and welcome to the Guild Recruitment Section. Please try your best to follow these rules while using this section to avoid clutter and keep some order.
    1. Guilds are permitted one recruitment thread per independent guild. *see below for more details
    2. Please keep bumps separated by at least 24 hours
    3. Do not advertise, spam, troll, bash, or insult inside another guild's recruitment thread
    *Independant Guilds
    • These are guilds that have their own website, media channels and leadership.
    • Guilds which have different names but appear to follow the lead and/or share the same links, website or community as another guild will be considered an alt guild.

    Any bumps or updates that do not adere to the rules will be reviewed and removed. I know everyone is eager to have more people join their guilds, so let's make it fair for everyone.

    Feel free to send me a converstation if you have any questions.