Reduced "Overpopulation" Threshold

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    • Reduced "Overpopulation" Threshold

      Please give players the option to customize this threshold! Or at least reduce it in cities to something like 100.

      City maps are very different from the vast open-world maps. It's painful to walk through city maps with 380~480 people where only some of them are free of extreme lag due to every player standing on the same marketplace NPC.

      In FFXIV this threshold can be customized (I see 5 players rendered on the screen but my friends see 50+) and it makes the game immersion feel smoother between open-world raids and city auction houses because there aren't sudden spikes in player concentration. I'm a software engineer and I understand that all-or-nothing rendering is very different from fluid "render at most 5" logic or even "render all-or-nothing for this particular player if ..." logic. However, I imagine it's not difficult to statically reduce all-at-once thresholds depending on the type of map (city or not).