Stones of Power and enchantment location

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    • Stones of Power and enchantment location


      Translated by google of french.

      Hello to all,

      The idea that I allow myself to present to you is connected with the enchantments of weapons and armor.
      Small re-enactment, currently the enchantment simply increases the power of the enchanted object, allowing an object to overcome X to obtain a power of X + 0.5, X + 1 or X + 1.5. And that's all.

      From my point of view what is missing today in albion online is the presence of random stats in objects.

      After thinking, I came up with the idea of using enchantment levels to offer 3 locations per object, the first level of enchantment giving 1 location and the 3rd, 3 locations.
      Locations yes but for what? And good for stones of 3 sizes, small (1 location required), medium (2 locations required) and large (3 location required). These stones could bring this part of random, but more controlled. Each of the stones may have a rise of one or more stats of the specific object, an addition of a new liability (specific to the stone), see for medium stones or large stones the addition of a new active ability.
      Moreover, in order to contribute to the enrichment of the game, these stones will be able to recover in dungeon, in drop or even why not be created with a part of random in obtaining the power of the stone.

      Of course, the addition of these stones to your enchanted objects should be reversible with the help of the enchanter in the cities against a variable amount of money and with the risk of losing the stone or stones present in the object that you want to disenchant.

      Thus we could see fire axes, magic sticks with more physical attacks and / or active abilities, extra heavy armor, extra light armor and many other creations that would bring this side "get who you want" be".

      Love on you.
    • New

      I’m not exactly sure how you’d resent 3 distinctive effects all at once. At that point it’d be visual AIDS with 12 stone effects + enchantment glow + overcharge + spell effects

      it’d have to function the same way enchanted armor works and only be visible by inspecting. Like how you can’t tell 8.3 from flat 8 robes without inspecting