Mishirene's Art Thread (Updated 12/6/2021) Vote For Necromancy!

    • Mishirene's Art Thread (Updated 12/6/2021) Vote For Necromancy!

      Hi there! Mishirene here. I've been playing the game for a while and making a bunch of art. I've been making a new thread for everything that I make but I figured it'd be nice to clean this place up a bit. I'll be posting art in this thread for now on. Without further ado, please enjoy my art!

      I also made a new Discord server for Albion fan artists! Join in, we're a fun bunch. Whether you're an artist, or just want to see their work, it's a great place for everyone who loves fan art for this community. discord.gg/HgX9xU8jzN


      Latest Artwork:


      There's a Reddit thread going on about which weapon tree should be next. Necromancy and Lightning are neck to neck. My vote is for necromancy, and yours should be too.

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    • Yes it's cropped.
      I drew the reset day boss (the guardian things.) Unfortunately, the full pic is NSFW and ALSO poorly drawn. Here's a cropped image of the head though.

      Also Evas_Flarelight, thanks for the likes and stuff! I'm noticing you're the only one here for now. But knowing my stuff is appreciated, is appreciated. So thank you! ^^

    • 5/7/2019:
      Been a while since I've posted anything! I've just been a little busy lately, and probably will be a little busier. But I'm glad to have finally finished this, even if it took a few days longer than I had hoped. I can't wait to get my own bird. The Morgana faction has always been my favorite.
    • Mishirene wrote:

      Been a while since I've posted anything! I've just been a little busy lately, and probably will be a little busier. But I'm glad to have finally finished this, even if it took a few days longer than I had hoped. I can't wait to get my own bird. The Morgana faction has always been my favorite.
      the second part of the picture look like creepy pasta drawing. you can make creepy pasta story for albion ill def read it ^,^..

      for example..

      you can tell a story about a player who was pk and torture, this pk comes as a ghost and kill everyone in a specific tunnel ^,^...

      ill def give it a read if you put it in those type of drawing above ^,^
      Random dungeon https://bit.ly/2L5TxnS
      Outnumber https://bit.ly/2YEU56n
      Arena https://bit.ly/2ZKD3or
      Hudini: https://bit.ly/2XTonBI
      HGguidance https://bit.ly/2Ymu1gs
    • (5/12)


      For Mother's Day, I decided to draw The Earthmother at Inis Mon. I really love this character.

      It's also one of my few (as of right now anyway, gonna change this!) attempts at shading. Some things are wrong and looks weird, but I have every intention of learning from my mistakes here to eventually get good at it. But for now, enjoy one of the game's easiest to look at characters!
    • (7/11)

      Today I finished drawing the Nightshade Unicorn in the style of My Little Pony. I know that it's really popular to hate on MLP even after 9 years have passed, but I still wanted to draw some silly fan art of the Nightshade Unicorn. I asked a few staff members what the mount skin was called internally. H4n1baL gave me a few names, one of them being "Steven." Meanwhile, Magnolia said they liked the name "Ebony." So I mashed them together, to create this.

      Enjoy! (Or get upset, your choice!)
    • (7/25)
      I entered the "Tell Your Story" contest and I won as a runner up. I'm doing this on my phone though so formatting might not be neat. Either way, enjoy!

      "Well hello there adventurers. My name is Mishirene. You may be wondering how I happened upon this huge sack of silver.It's quite the story actually, so take a seat and listen to my tale of strife and conquest"

      "My story is similar to most who come to Albion.It began on a ship, sailing to a land that promised a new life and a better future."

      "But what really set this ship apart from many others were the people in it.They were among some of the Old World's most talented and wise."

      "Unfortunately, the same could not be said about the captain: who mere hours before landing made a bet with his parrot that he could dock the boat blindfolded."

      I awoke on a beach. Alone, nearly for some reason naked, and very afraid. No signs of my compatriots anywhere. I had made it to Albion, but to this day I never found out if anyone else survived the wreck.

      "But I did not let that dissuade me.I got back onto my feet. I crafted tools. I gathered materials. I forged weapons. And I fought the foes Albion had to offer.I continued to sharpen my skills. This training eventually, it lead to the adventurer you see here before you."

      "And that is my story. I hope it has inspired you to become as great as I am some day!"

      "What the hell?" Says a visibly upset and slightly confused wizard with short hair. "I didn't ask for your bloody life story. I wanted to know why the hell you're chest ratting in a bloody yellow zone!"

    • (10/31/19)

      I wanted to draw the latest boss, Bob, doing Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. But then I realized dances are better seen through movement than in a still image. So I ended up animating him instead. I had A TON of fun and I also just barely finished this morning. It's a little rough in some areas, but I've finally animated a character moving more than just their arm, or a horse flailing its legs around.
    • (11/7/2019)

      So for my final submission I decided to recreate The Shining's movie poster. It was late when I started, but around 1:00 AM I decided I just wanted to be done with the thing. By 2:47 AM I submitted it without polishing it up or adding any effects. I had a lot of fun drawing it, even if it turned me into a zombie. I could have spent more time on it, but I couldn't convince myself to stay awake any longer.

    • (1/19/2020)

      Wow! That was one heck of a year. Definitely was fun. While I did draw stuff, it's not stuff I can post here on the forums for a few reasons. But what I _CAN_ post is this fan art I made of the Don of Caerleon! Since he's playing a pretty big role in this event I figured it would be funny to imagine that he'd commission a meme portrait of himself. Please enjoy this! I've worked on it for a few days, with the final push to actually post this costing me some sleep tonight.

      Enjoy the event, and happy new year!

    • (3/26/2020)

      Wow, been a while since I last posted. Been a bit busy with life so I haven't been drawing as much. But I did make this meme, which counts right? I'm pretty excited, because this meme ended up getting first place for the Reddit contest. Hope you enjoy it! I've also decided to add one of my old art pieces that I haven't posted in this thread.

      And time for the old:

      Here are Vanya and Angus from the trailer.(youtube.com/watch?v=eBU_Fxd0Jf4)
    • (6/3/2020)

      Even cultists have to find a way to spend time when they're not busy fighting those pesky adventurers.

      Hi all! Mishirene here. It's been a while since I last posted. I've been busy lately, but things are clearing up. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things for posting fan art. Please enjoy this one! I've been wanting to draw this for a while, but I could never bring myself to finish the other sketches. Please enjoy this piece!