Server cant handle the pressure!

    • Server cant handle the pressure!

      Albion online has become a lag fest.

      Server cant handle the population!
      Albion online is to small for this amount of players.
      Everytime I step into another area of the map this message comes up (Region is overpopulated)

      No resources anywhere, because they are all gathered!

      Even Arena and home islands are lagging!!!

      I went into 1 map and I could not find, 1 damn tree to cut down. (LoL) :D wtf!!

      The thing they didnt take into account is that its cross play so not just PC players, you got iOS and android players to. That's alot of players!!

      All city's are a lag fest!!

      The stuttering is unreal!
      My very good laptop is struggling, even my rtx 2080t desktop is bloody feeling the pressure!!!!!

      They have retreated into the corner of my room in the cradle position, swaying backwards and forwards - repeating "No more, please no more......)

      Now, dont get me wrong. Albion needed this to get the influx of new players.

      But SBI should of done it the right way by opening a new server in the EU.

      Ways to overcome these issues

      1. New server!
      2. Optimise the game!
      3. New server
      4. Optimize the game
      5. New server

      Kind regards
    • Not only that but current servers are heavily overpopulated and I (when I come home from work to enjoy a game an possibly invest some cash into it) am unable to do so because of 5k queue. This turns me off greatly and really makes me think how serious are these guys? Is it worth my cash to play a game for which the devs won't spare another server?
    • This is all temporary because of all the newbies holding hands in the safe zones. After a few weeks the serious players of the new influx will expand out of the cities into black zones (tons of space there) and your royal city lag issue will reduce. Large fights have always and will probably always have lag. I can only recommend to instead focus on more small scale PvP (10 or under) as it is much more fun anyway!