Weekend Update about Servers & Upfront Notice on Possible Queues

    • Korn wrote:

      Azu_Raged wrote:

      Not to rain on your parade but the FPS issues are still current. I've this feeling I will never be able to ZVZ again ... I get literally 3 FPS. I was watching this stream after I try to alt f4 game client, to restart, and he is also 3 FPS as well ...
      We are aware of the FPS issue and are looking into it.
      Many of the performance issues have been attributed to the exchange of information occurring during combat. If found it very interesting that my worst performance yesterday was in the Market, in towns like Lymhurst and Thetford. There were little to no abilities being used, but virtually all 300 plus people were on screen at the same time. Very little movement was occurring.

      I work in the tech industry and have come to a conclusion. When a technical problem lasts as long as they have in AO it indicates the presence of multiple underlying issues interacting in unexpected ways. SBI has looked at the obvious stuff, time drop the bias of history or preconceived notions and look again.

      Without any background data from your systems it appears to me you have an issue that impacts everyone in the zone as others enter and possibly leave the zone. Also an additional problem is simply displaying that many characters on the screen at the same time.

      Temporary fix would be to lower zone locks and to engage the overcrowded mechanic and a lower number.