• Hello theblackhat,

      If you open the Destiny Board ( icon bottom center or upper right side of your screen ) depending on your screen settings. In the very center you should see a yellow ribbon highlighted. If it’s not, you still need to complete the task on tutorial island. It it is highlighted, you should be Tier 2. Meaning you can craft and equip all T2 gear. Then to progress further, looking at the center point of the Destiny board, follow the lines out to further tier destinations. The left side of the board is for equipping gear, the right side is for crafting gear. Bottom left is farming, cooking, and gathering resources, bottom right is crafting tools and accessories.
    • For instance, say you want to be a warrior, you can either gather the needed resources ( look in The Warrior Forge building for resources for gear to craft ), then craft a T2 Plate Armor, and a Broadsword. Or you could buy from the auction house, or ask someone to make for you. Then go out and fight mobs, once you obtain enough fame ( experience), you will unlock the ability to wear T3 plate armor and T3 Warrior Forge weapons ( Broadsword, mace, hammer, crossbow, and shield. Then either raise your crafting skill to make T3 or buy, or get from another player. And then continue gaining fame to each new tier of chosen gear.