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      I want to start this off and apologize if this post is in the wrong section , its the closest subsection that is even close to the right section.

      SBI should try and contact sites like mmobomb / alienwarearena ect and work out giveaways for redeemable keys , This will allow you to reach crowds who might only look for giveaways and intise them to check out what albion is about.

      possible redeem rewards
      3 days premium / 150-200 gold /10k focus pot / 25-50 lp
      500 gold / 20k focus pot
      7 days premium / 100 gold

      Nothing to ground breaking but giveaways on mmo sites do a very large part in advertising and attracting new players. <3

      can request them to put restrictions for 1 per ip address , will help against people abusing these in any way.
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