Low FPS :/

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      Albion online is being a big overflow, many are downloading the game and some like me are having some FPS problems, I am intrigued by this game that has cartoons graphics (I like) but it has some graphics performance problems, I understand that albion and an RPG MMO and a lot of things on the screen going on, but I do not think that's a good excuse for the low FPS of the game, since my pc runs League of Legends, CS GO, Company of Heroes 2, and fortine with the guys in between the average and the high, but albion even in his tuturial I could not get out of the miseros 20 with everything in the bass and off, in order I liked mt of the game but unfortunately play with 20 of FPS does not: /, anyway I I would like to know if the company in the future thinks about improving the performance of the game.