Wrong language and kicked

    • Wrong language and kicked

      Hi please help me change the language for the game.

      I use English and everything is ok when I click the game launcher and then the Play button screen until it starts loading up and the (from what I remember) % amount is display as ;Y or similar. It takes me to the account name and password screen but it is all in another language (non English).

      I think details are saved there because when I click the ??? Enter World button it takes me to character select. Again all non English. If I do nothing for a few seconds I am kicked back a screen. If I Click my main I can enter the World at I think my island. I had several boxes to read which I couldn't and couldn't move unless they were gone. I managed to get rid of the info boxes and move my character but got kicked from the game shortly after.

      I am a returning player and have never changed my language settings. I have checked and reapplied the English language setting on the launcher but it still loads up differently. I also run the game as administrator if that's anything but still get kicked.

      How to change the language back to English please? Like seriously, idiot steps please: Click avatar or clog on right, go down 2, click, go down one click etc so I can at least read whats happening.

      Thank you for any help and sorry for lengthy post but I try and put all in here so I don't have to keep coming back. I go try YT or something as well in mean time.
    • Thanks for trying to help but I have tried that already. The language is already on American English and I have tried changing it, starting up the game and changing it back but still no use.

      I also checked a recent YT clip from which I found the right hand screen cog settings options in game and exactly where the languages were and changed each of them many times but none changed to English. This did change the launcher language too so it is working but no English for me.

      I am thinking it might be to do with the Easy Anti Cheat maybe as I had to try all this in the short time space before getting kicked from the game over and over. Maybe its not even a language Im seeing at all and is just the English version all mucked up from EAC? Who knows?

      I have read a mods post about EAC in this section and added Albion to the Firewalls accepted list but nothing. Idk. Don't really want to take my firewall down just to test and play tbh but maybe that's whats needed.

      I just wait to see if any more info on this before trying again and do other things.

      Thanks again.