Queue to large for those that Bought the game

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    • Queue to large for those that Bought the game

      Thank you for this great game.
      I think is not fair that us that bought the game we need to stay in line with all new people.
      I understand and it's true that those with subscriptions have priority.
      But I think, normally us that bought the game to have second priority after subscriptions.
      Last day I wanted to enter in the game and the queue was 7000 LOL.
      I expect that if I spend money on a game and buy it, I can play it.
      Be humble and smart.
    • 100% agree.. More attention to people's accounts with a "Starter" or "Founder" tag on their account should get secondary access with the queue times over the subscription players. I've been trying on and off to play since the update and it kicks me out due to server overloads and sometimes client crashes with the new portals and I am forced to wait 7-8k in line? Sure I could pay the 10$ and go in but why would I pay right now if they wont at least address these issues and make some changes to make the game playable.

      (P.S the botting problems are starting up now from these BR people.... Every node is camped by stand stills with weird crappy names like random letters and stuff)
      IGN: PsychaChi
      Add or MSG me for groups or if you need help ^-^
    • Hi,

      Since Albion became free 2 play, I have to wait around 10 minutes each time I want to play with my friends.
      Tonight after waiting twice, the server answered "could not connect". OK I only bought the game once and don't have a premium account active, but this is degrading the game experience that I found quite good before.
      I don't know if new players that want to try it will have a way to appreciate the game without buying a premium account.
      To my mind, I don't feel that this is the good way to make people want to buy premium accounts.
      I supposed that it was due to limited server resources, and so found that kind of logical to favor premium accounts.
      Apparently it's not that true:

      Eltharyon wrote:

      So why is there such a large queue right now? We noticed on launch day that performance suffered even though the servers were doing just fine. We've identified the cause of this to be packet loss which occurs in a particular connecting point in our data center where the game is hosted. We haven't found an explanation for this, since all elements involved should easily be able to handle the current load. Due to
      the issue appearing on their side, we're having to rely our hosting partner to find and resolve it. We'll continue to work with them throughout the night and, if no solution is found until morning, we have additional measures prepared to be deployed during tomorrow's maintenance time.
      Anyway I hope that this situation is temporary and will not impact the game too badly.
      I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, so that I'm sure that you are aware of our frustration.

    • We set up a new datacenter connection just now and so far it seems to be working. We are still cautious though, it's a bit too early to declare the all clear yet.

      Note that for players who previously redeemed a starter pack / founder pack: you'll also get queue priority through the free premium days that you can claim (without having to make an additional premium purchase). Now, of course, and that was one of the queue issues, that did not help you yesterday when you couldn't get into the game to claim the free premium days in the first place. This was handled poorly by us.