Can we please have a $4.99 "Starter Pack" that grants 15 days of Premium for the log in issues?

    • Can we please have a $4.99 "Starter Pack" that grants 15 days of Premium for the log in issues?

      So I see this queue complaint coming up a lot - everywhere.
      We are getting review bombed on Steam and very poor word of mouth is spreading like wildfire.

      Why not add a $4.99 pack that includes 15 days of premium, some newby tomes, and a little bit of gold?
      You should not have to buy this in game, but can purchase it on the web site for the priority queue. This also bypasses the "I don't want to wait for 5 hours to buy something to let me play it without waiting" complaint.

      I get that $9.99 is a lot of money for some to try a game they may not like, but $5 is basically a sandwich and a soda; so no one should complain over that.

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    • Its possible food for thought for the future, at the current moment in time its the servers/service provider that are messing up, Like someone else mentioned what if the entire Que bought premium. In that case the server would probably crash and no one could play so I doubt Albion even for the money wants downtime.

      Sometimes I wonder its more the design of the game, as SBI are not so poor as to not upgrade their server ready for F2P and it struggled with returning players last week. I hate to think it but I feel even with the worlds best servers if the coding/design doesn't work well then things dont run smoothly
    • As others have pointed out; the queue is not there to punish F2P people. It's there because the server cannot handle the current number of concurrent players. Everyone having premium won't change this, it'll just mean everyone's queuing with premium too. I must admit though, I'm always baffled by companies that know they're going to have a big influx of players and don't prepare appropriately with the back-end side of things. It's a kick in the teeth for the current player base. Trying to do anything in game is really laggy at the moment; and that's with the queue system.
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