Arch GNU Linux & Albion Online

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    • Arch GNU Linux & Albion Online

      In this theme I plan to consider runing Albion Online on Arch Linux systems.

      Next are some links, but threads, seems, are outdated.
      [SOLVED] Anyone had success with Albion Online?
      [Tuto][Linux] Have a working game!

      Steam is a popular game distribution platform by Valve. For now - "Steam for Linux only supports Ubuntu LTS".
      I have never used Steam and the main disadvantage, that it is proposed to install it.

      You will need.

      "Enable the multilib repository and install the steam package.
      The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to run Steam on Arch Linux:
      • Installed 32-bit version OpenGL graphics driver.
      • Generated en_US.UTF-8 locale, preventing invalid pointer error.
      • The GUI heavily uses the Arial font. See Microsoft fonts. An alternative is to use ttf-liberation or fonts provided by Steam instead.
      • Install wqy-zenhei to add support for Asian languages."
      When you install Steam a bulky set of various packages will be added to your system. You system will be flooded with some additional garbage fonts, that was not needed you before.


      Display Spoiler
      pacman -S steam
      resolving dependencies...
      :: There are 2 providers available for lib32-libgl:
      :: Repository multilib
      1) lib32-libglvnd 2) lib32-nvidia-340xx-utils

      Enter a number (default=1):
      looking for conflicting packages...
      warning: dependency cycle detected:
      warning: lib32-mesa will be installed before its lib32-libglvnd dependency

      Packages (38) alsa-plugins-1.1.8-1 brotli-1.0.7-1 lib32-alsa-lib-1.1.8-2 lib32-alsa-plugins-1.1.8-1
      lib32-bzip2-1.0.6-3 lib32-expat-2.2.6-2 lib32-gcc-libs-8.2.1+20181127-1 lib32-glibc-2.28-5
      lib32-icu-64.1-1 lib32-libdrm-2.4.97-1 lib32-libelf-0.176-1 lib32-libffi-3.2.1-2
      lib32-libglvnd-1.1.1-1 lib32-libpciaccess-0.14-1 lib32-libx11-1.6.7-1 lib32-libxau-1.0.8-2
      lib32-libxcb-1.13.1-1 lib32-libxdamage-1.1.4-3 lib32-libxdmcp-1.1.2-2 lib32-libxext-1.3.3-2
      lib32-libxfixes-5.0.3-2 lib32-libxml2-2.9.9-2 lib32-libxshmfence-1.3-1 lib32-libxss-1.2.3-1
      lib32-libxxf86vm-1.1.4-2 lib32-llvm-libs-8.0.0-1 lib32-lm_sensors-3.5.0-2 lib32-mesa-19.0.1-1
      lib32-ncurses-6.1-4 lib32-readline-8.0.0-1 lib32-wayland-1.16.0-1 lib32-xz-5.2.4-1
      lib32-zlib-1.2.11-2 libnotify-0.7.8-1 webkit2gtk-2.24.1-1 woff2-1.0.2-1 zenity-3.32.0-1

      Total Download Size: 86.43 MiB
      Total Installed Size: 342.05 MiB

      :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

      Or even so.
      Display Spoiler
      pacman -S steam-native-runtime
      resolving dependencies...
      :: There are 2 providers available for lib32-libgl:
      :: Repository multilib
      1) lib32-libglvnd 2) lib32-nvidia-340xx-utils

      Enter a number (default=1):
      looking for conflicting packages...
      warning: dependency cycle detected:
      warning: lib32-harfbuzz will be installed before its lib32-freetype2 dependency
      warning: dependency cycle detected:
      warning: lib32-keyutils will be installed before its lib32-krb5 dependency
      warning: dependency cycle detected:
      warning: lib32-mesa will be installed before its lib32-libglvnd dependency
      Packages (178) alsa-plugins-1.1.8-1 freeglut-3.0.0-2 glew1.10-1.10.0-2 lib32-alsa-lib-1.1.8-2

      lib32-alsa-plugins-1.1.8-1 lib32-atk-2.32.0-1 lib32-attr-2.4.48-1 lib32-bzip2-1.0.6-3
      lib32-cairo-1.16.0-2 lib32-curl-7.64.1-1 lib32-dbus-1.12.12-1 lib32-dbus-glib-0.110-1
      lib32-e2fsprogs-1.44.5-1 lib32-expat-2.2.6-2 lib32-flac-1.3.2-2
      lib32-fontconfig-2:2.13.1+12+g5f5ec56-1 lib32-freeglut-3.0.0-2 lib32-freetype2-2.10.0-1
      lib32-fribidi-1.0.5-1 lib32-gcc-libs-8.2.1+20181127-1 lib32-gdk-pixbuf2-2.38.1-1
      lib32-giflib-5.1.9-3 lib32-glew1.10-1.10.0-4 lib32-glib2-2.60.0-1 lib32-glibc-2.28-5
      lib32-glu-9.0.0-4 lib32-gmp-6.1.2-2 lib32-gnutls-3.6.7-1 lib32-gtk2-2.24.32-1
      lib32-harfbuzz-2.4.0-2 lib32-icu-64.1-1 lib32-imlib2-1.5.1-1 lib32-keyutils-1.6-1
      lib32-krb5-1.16.1-1 lib32-libappindicator-gtk2-12.10.0-10 lib32-libasyncns-0.8+3+g68cd5af-2
      lib32-libcaca-0.99.beta19-2 lib32-libcanberra-0.30+2+gc0620e4-1 lib32-libcap-2.26-1
      lib32-libcups-2.2.11-1 lib32-libcurl-compat-7.64.1-1 lib32-libcurl-gnutls-7.64.1-1
      lib32-libdatrie-0.2.12-1 lib32-libdbusmenu-glib-16.04.0-3 lib32-libdbusmenu-gtk2-16.04.0-3
      lib32-libdrm-2.4.97-1 lib32-libelf-0.176-1 lib32-libffi-3.2.1-2 lib32-libgcrypt-1.8.4-1
      lib32-libgcrypt15-1.5.6-5 lib32-libglvnd-1.1.1-1 lib32-libgpg-error-1.35-1
      lib32-libgudev-232-1 lib32-libice-1.0.9-3 lib32-libid3tag-0.15.1b-2 lib32-libidn-1.35-1
      lib32-libidn11-1.33-1 lib32-libidn2-2.1.1-1 lib32-libindicator-gtk2-12.10.1-7
      lib32-libjpeg-turbo-2.0.2-1 lib32-libjpeg6-turbo-1.5.3-1 lib32-libldap-2.4.47-1
      lib32-libltdl-2.4.6+42+gb88cebd5-1 lib32-libmikmod- lib32-libmodplug-
      lib32-libnm-glib-1.14.6-1 lib32-libnsl-1.2.0-1 lib32-libogg-1.3.3-3
      lib32-libpciaccess-0.14-1 lib32-libpng-1.6.36-1 lib32-libpng12-1.2.59-1
      lib32-libpsl-0.20.2-3 lib32-libpulse-12.2-1 lib32-librtmp0-2.4-2 lib32-libsm-1.2.3-1
      lib32-libsndfile-1.0.28-2 lib32-libssh2-1.8.2-1 lib32-libtasn1-4.13-1 lib32-libthai-0.1.28-1
      lib32-libtheora-1.1.1-12 lib32-libtiff-4.0.10-1 lib32-libtiff4-3.9.7-4
      lib32-libtirpc-1.1.4-1 lib32-libudev0-shim-1-4 lib32-libunistring-0.9.10-1
      lib32-libusb-1.0.22-1 lib32-libva1-1.8.3-3 lib32-libvdpau-1.2-1 lib32-libvorbis-1.3.6-1
      lib32-libvpx1.3-1.3.0-2 lib32-libwebp-1.0.2-1 lib32-libwrap-7.6.24-3 lib32-libx11-1.6.7-1
      lib32-libxau-1.0.8-2 lib32-libxcb-1.13.1-1 lib32-libxcomposite-0.4.4-3
      lib32-libxcursor-1.1.15-1 lib32-libxdamage-1.1.4-3 lib32-libxdmcp-1.1.2-2
      lib32-libxext-1.3.3-2 lib32-libxfixes-5.0.3-2 lib32-libxft-2.3.2-2 lib32-libxi-1.7.9-2
      lib32-libxinerama-1.1.4-1 lib32-libxml2-2.9.9-2 lib32-libxmu-1.1.2-2 lib32-libxrandr-1.5.1-2
      lib32-libxrender-0.9.10-2 lib32-libxshmfence-1.3-1 lib32-libxt-1.1.5-2 lib32-libxtst-1.2.3-2
      lib32-libxxf86vm-1.1.4-2 lib32-llvm-libs-8.0.0-1 lib32-lm_sensors-3.5.0-2 lib32-lz4-1.8.3-1
      lib32-mesa-19.0.1-1 lib32-mpg123-1.25.10-1 lib32-ncurses-6.1-4 lib32-nettle-3.4.1-1
      lib32-nspr-4.21-1 lib32-nss-3.43-1 lib32-openal-1.19.1-1 lib32-openssl-1:1.1.1.b-1
      lib32-openssl-1.0-1.0.2.r-1 lib32-p11-kit-0.23.15-1 lib32-pango-1:1.43.0-1 lib32-pcre-8.43-1
      lib32-pixman-0.36.0-1 lib32-readline-8.0.0-1 lib32-sdl-1.2.15-7 lib32-sdl2-2.0.9-1
      lib32-sdl2_image-2.0.4-1 lib32-sdl2_mixer-2.0.4-1 lib32-sdl2_ttf-2.0.15-1
      lib32-sdl_image-1.2.12-6 lib32-sdl_mixer-1.2.12-3 lib32-sdl_ttf-2.0.11-5 lib32-smpeg-0.4.5-3
      lib32-sqlite-3.27.1-1 lib32-systemd-241.93-1 lib32-tdb-1.3.16-1 lib32-util-linux-2.33.2-1
      lib32-wayland-1.16.0-1 lib32-xz-5.2.4-1 lib32-zlib-1.2.11-2 lib32-zstd-1.3.8-1
      libappindicator-gtk2-12.10.0-13 libcurl-compat-7.64.1-1 libcurl-gnutls-7.64.1-1
      libdbusmenu-glib-16.04.0-3 libdbusmenu-gtk2-16.04.0-3 libgcrypt15-1.5.6-2 libidn11-1.33-1
      libindicator-gtk2-12.10.1-8 libjpeg6-turbo-1.5.3-1 libmikmod- libnm-1.16.0-1
      libnm-glib-1.16.0-1 libpng12-1.2.59-1 librtmp0-2.4-3 libtiff4-3.9.7-4 libudev0-shim-1-3
      libva1-1.8.3-2 libvpx1.3-1.3.0-2 libwrap-7.6.24-4 mpg123-1.25.10-1 openal-1.19.1-2
      openssl-1.0-1.0.2.r-1 opusfile-0.11-1 sdl-1.2.15-10 sdl2_image-2.0.4-2 sdl2_mixer-2.0.4-3
      sdl2_ttf-2.0.15-1 sdl_image-1.2.12-5 sdl_mixer-1.2.12-7 sdl_ttf-2.0.11-5 smpeg-0.4.5-4

      Total Download Size: 90.13 MiB
      Total Installed Size: 355.29 MiB

      :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

      What should happen in the head of a developer, who follows the above path...

      If you see, that Steam is a necessary for the game - I advise you not to waste your time on such game. Developer, who supports this mockery is in principle incapable of creating something worthy of attention. And the purity of your Arch GNU Linux system and your time are not worth it - to spend by such rubbish.

      Fortunately Albion Online, at least on Arch GNU Linux, does not need Steam as a necessity, in really.

      Albion Online, installed without Steam, run fine and fully including sound output on my Arch GNU Linux system.

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    • I expected that, as in some applications, here in game will be problems when running on the GNU system. Planned to consider here, how to solve these problems.

      But I did not encounter any problems at all. Absolutely everything works without any complaints.

      For a long time did not play any games. Initially launched Albion only to check whether such a modern game will be played on one of my GNU systems. But the game was quite interesting. I decided to continue playing.

      Therefore, now in this topic I will share my experience as one of the still rare Albion players using an open source software system.

      Initially, I did not plan to pay into the game. Actually, I did not plan to play it either. I still consider any game a waste of time.

      But. :)

      Albion was really interesting. This is perhaps game, about which I can say that it helps to relax. Of course, I heard something about other modern games. And saw some from the side. The principal positive difference of Albion - I do not see in it the imposition and tricks associated with the necessity of payment. In Albion in fact, one clear block where you can manage the payment process. If you want to pay. But Albion means a calm passage without payment also.

      I can be mistaken, but now it is probably the only high-level such game that is actually free. Attracts the fact that the developers and game management openly share plans and information.

      For those who just decide whether to start playing. Of course, this game is a waste of time and nerves for someone. In this sense, do not start. But if you build your attitude to the game correctly, you can try. I can only advise in advance to be ready to finish playing as easy, as you started to play, if you make such decision.

      I did not expect, but I met quite interesting people in the game. As in life, people are different everywhere. Maybe I am just lucky, but in the circle of my communication in Albion - mostly calm, benevolent people.

      One of the features of the game is a personal island. This feature is associated with payment and Premium mode. I decided to raise funds for the purchase of such Island on my own in the game without any help of external payment. I wanted, therefore, to learn how to earn money in the game and to check whether it is possible in principle to acquire island by this way. I confirm. Everything is possible in a quite short time.

      I am beginner. But I do not have any special increased cash requirements in Albion fornow. However, after I collected the money and bought the island, for the first time in my life I paid real money into the game. First of all, in order to support developers and Albion itself. It is my gratitude for the support of running on free operating systems and the honest approach in game.

      Yes. Perhaps, above all, Albion is a war game. In the game, people even team up in gangs to rob other players. :)

      I also had to create several Guilds. That for a beginner can be quite expensive, if you begin to build something on the Guild island, and then leave the Guild. However, in each case, I understood that the Guild name and Emblem can be better and started anew. Until came to the option that I liked finally. Personally, I like nature and, perhaps it sound naively, I consider myself to be in favor of protecting the environment. In the game will need to conditionally cut down trees and kill animals, unfortunately. However, the Name and Emblem of my final Guild at least to some extent symbolize a certain idea and remind of a careful attitude to the real nature in the world around us.

      In general, I can advise all supporters of free software to try playing Albion. Honesty, obviously, the substantial efforts of the developers, the beautiful plot and the content deserve to, including materially, support Albion.

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    • Yep, playing on 19.04 here. Game works flawlessly, I got dual boot on the machine. It actually is alot more fluid and better in Linux than in Windows for me.

      Windows has microstutter like graphical performance, where it seems like the game is speeding up and slowing down without it actually becoming a full on freeze stutter. Kinda hard to explain. Same machine, no issues at all when running it in Linux.
    • Thank you for your interest and likes.

      Next thing.

      I have not found an accurate description of all Game Settings.

      Information on the Albion wiki is scarce and, at least, not complete.

      This message for now is a draft to reviewing the graphic settings of the game.

      For example, here is one of the connected topics, but insufficiently detailed also. It is exist some video yet.

      Albion game engine is Unity.

      It is exist some run game command options, for example ./Albion-Online "-screen-fullscreen 0" -screen-width 1920 and so on.

      Some game commands:
      Further I plan to consider each of the settings separately. And, if possible, make a comparison. For my hardware configuration, at least. Errors are possible, of course. Message me these errors, please. I will correct text.



      Display: Window Fullscreen

      So far I did not notice any difference in speed between Window and Fullscreen modes.

      Resolution: 1920x1200 1920x1080 1680x1050 1400x1050 1600x900 1440x900 1280x960 1366x768 1280x800 1152x864 1280x768 1280x720 1024x768

      Stated that game does not support resolution more, than 1920 х 1200 pixels Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array - WUXGA. It is possible to say, if other characteristics being equal - using smaller resolution worsens possibilities of player. Therefore I do not plan tests for now in other modes than 1920 х 1200 pixels.

      Frame rate limit: off 30 60 100 120 200

      Frame rate caps throttle a number of frames video chip produce. Capping frame rate decrease energy consumption - respectively heating and possible noise. It is not need produce by video chip to output device more frames, than output device can reproduce. Capping frame rate do not force the video chip to wait until the output device has begun a new refresh cycle.

      +/- V-Sync
      When activated the game's Frames Per Second will be limited to your screen's refreshrate.

      Using V-Sync eliminating screen tearing, but it does have the drawback of adding some latency.

      +/- Skip Intro Video


      Visual QualityLowNormalHighUltraCustom
      Prefab QualityLowMediumHighUltra
      Shadow ResolutionMediumMediumHighUltra
      Number of Shadow CascadesLowMediumHighHigh
      Shadow DistanceLowMediumHighUltra
      Show effectsAllAllAllAll
      Animation qualityLowMediumHighHigh
      Shader qualityMediumMediumMediumUltra
      Screen Space Ambient OcclusionOffOffOffUltra
      Anisotropic Texture Filtering-+++
      Window Animations-+++
      Obscured Character Highlighting-+++
      Camera Shake-+++

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    • Using open source software can affects the guild features. Therefore, information about guild is more convenient to place in this topic.

      Register of N A T U R E guild participants until 26 October 2019.
      Display Spoiler

      Shoninki01.08.1927.09.19LARGER GUILD TRANSITION
      DerEiertreter03.08.1912.09.19LARGER GUILD TRANSITION
      laggmeister05.08.1910.09.19LARGER GUILD TRANSITION
      Pidzon05.08.1910.09.19LARGER GUILD TRANSITION
      vuk12307.08.1910.09.19LARGER GUILD TRANSITION
      HarryDeGrave09.08.1921.09.19LARGER GUILD TRANSITION

      26 October 2019 according to the results of the seventh season, the N A T U R E guild took 676 place with 3 620 points in Bronze rank.

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    • Register of N A T U R E participants until 19 January 2020.
      Display Spoiler

      Bl4u03.10.1919.01.20LARGER GUILD TRANSITION
      fafalie07.11.1909.11.19OWN DECISION
      PotassiumZXC07.11.1911.12.19OWN DECISION
      KirsonicRSA10.11.1917.11.19OWN DECISION
      MorganFey13.11.1915.11.19OWN DECISION
      ShadowOfWar99915.11.1917.11.19OWN DECISION
      TretchCraven19.11.1920.11.19OWN DECISION
      Nenostra22.11.1908.12.19OWN DECISION
      Eorfrith23.11.1924.11.19OWN DECISION
      Glieng27.11.1920.12.19OWN DECISION
      Jace7th28.11.1912.12.19OWN DECISION
      MVGlad28.11.1929.11.19OWN DECISION
      Valkerae28.11.1929.11.19OWN DECISION
      ZioloZielne29.11.1910.01.20OWN DECISION
      UnkWinner29.11.1908.12.19OWN DECISION
      FIBA0602.12.1904.12.19OWN DECISION
      Reishikiri04.12.1906.12.19OWN DECISION
      CocoLegendary07.12.1910.12.19OWN DECISION
      overtitan07.12.1910.12.19OWN DECISION
      OddMage12.12.1916.12.19OWN DECISION
      Wimbip15.12.1922.12.19OWN DECISION
      waluigi69626.12.1928.12.19OWN DECISION
      craoiu27.10.1927.12.19OWN DECISION
      Humetar02.01.2008.01.20OWN DECISION
      Mporte04.01.2005.01.20OWN DECISION
      KARCEUS10.01.2018.01.20OWN DECISION

      This is slightly surprising, but people continue to enroll into the N A T U R E. Even someone of those, who had left earlier into the larger guild, returned.

      Most new participiants are beginner players. Do not see any problem with it. Beginner players are different too. For example, the personal account some of those, who started in our guild, is approaching to 1000 victories player versus player, already. But we do not set too ambitious plans. It will be not bad, if we take some prize place in the new season.

      Now the guild mainly unites people, who want to play calmly. By the way, when I started to play Albion, I could not find a guild with zero tax and no obligations. Therefore, when people ask me - what needs to do in our guild? I answer - do what you want :) .

      19 January 2020 according to the results of the Avalonian invasion season the N A T U R E guild took 763 place with 2 700 points in Iron rank.

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    • Thank you for adding me in the guild registration.
      I just try to see the guild forum that was in the guild description and came to this place.
      Me too , use Linux (ubuntu) to play Albion online and find that it run smoothly in my computer and I enjoyed play this game . I play this game in my desktop and mobile phone. When I play at my mobile phone , maybe I cant chat in the game so just let you know .

    • N A T U R E
      Since 1 June 2019

      Location Caerleon. Current tax 0, Alliance FKTP. Hideout.

      • Guild participant undertakes to be honest and not publish personal information about other participants, without their consent.
      • The participant is excluded from the guild, if absent for more, than a month.
      • If necessary the Rules can be corrected for improvement interaction in the guild.
      Our priority, as far, as possible a quiet rest while playing. We are in no hurry. And do not take losses too seriously. Therefore, the guild is more suitable for more adults.

      Register of N A T U R E guild participants from 19 January 2020.
      Display Spoiler

      blackneo10.10.1930.03.20OWN DECISION
      Kindzzal23.01.2023.01.20OWN DECISION
      Satyaa01.02.2031.03.20OWN DECISION
      BattleBunnyy07.03.2011.02.20OWN DECISION

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