The Memoirs Of Alice Glass

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    • The Memoirs Of Alice Glass

      I Remember Why I Came Here. Even though when things get hard I'll always end up asking myself why it was I decided to make this journey.My mother died not long after Albion was discovered - I remember that day too. We were sitting behind our stall at the market, a harshly hammered together table with fragrant herbs filling nearly every space; and even a few flowers which we handed out for free. That was mothers idea, that's just who she was. I remember her saying something about trying to keep beauty alive in this world, and how marvelous it can be. Back then I thought it was a crock, but I humored her anyways. The revelation of the new land and the King's decree was stated plainly and as a matter-of-fact by a severe looking crier.

      "Our King needs You!"


      "Alice, you can make that journey, you can escape from here." Those were my mothers last words.


      I remember reaching the shore, having never thought I would have made it , thanking whatever deity there was for getting me across. I was filled with a euphoria I'd never felt before. And, oh mother, the flowers. I could see now, I could see how beautiful they were, so bright and full of life. Oh mom I can see now.
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      When I arrived at Caerleon I was reminded of my city in the old world, but the people were different; marvelously so. Still dangerously human, but happy and thriving. They bustled about with an exuberant brightness that reminded of the flowers - and something else.

      It was something indescribable that I hadn't felt since childhood...when I had watched a sunset with mom.

      "Look Alice, it's beautiful isn't it?" she was looking at me expectantly.

      I told her it was, it really was.

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