[RoC] Stagbourne Sentinels | New-Players, RPers and Casuals

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    • [RoC] Stagbourne Sentinels | New-Players, RPers and Casuals

      Stagbourne Sentinels
      - Rangers of Celidon Alliance -

      Roleplay / Beginners / Friendly / Mature / Casual

      "I created the Stagbourne Sentinels and the Rangers of Celidon Alliance before I even found out that there used to be a guild called Rangers of Celidon
      - so for those of you who may have been a part of the guild or associates, please forgive me if I have used the name but for an Alliance this time.
      I have heard that the guild is no more, and it saddens me I was not able to be a part of it, for I feel like I myself would have found a home there.

      And so I decided to create a home for myself,
      and hopefully for anyone else out there who have similar interests in writing their own stories within the lands of Albion.

      I am based in +0800GMT (Western Australia), but have very erratic playing times, and relatively casual playing times
      - so I'm always looking for fellow RPers or Casual Gamers that just like to enjoy the simpler parts of the game-world.

      At this stage I have no interest in PvP personally, and would love to focus on building a good family/community of
      PvE and Gathering and Crafting within the Celidon forests and elsewhere.

      So if you feel like you have a story to tell, or looking for a home that you can help build from the ground up,
      I welcome you to find me and drop me a message.

      You'll find us in Lymhurst and its surrounds.

      Come join the Stagbourne Sentinels."

      ~ Breks

      PS. I created a Discord server - still learning about how this all works - so feel free to join here!

      TL;DR - Join and help start a Beginner, Casual, RP, Friendly Guild based out of Lymhurst!