Had enough.

  • Had enough.

    Greetings Fellow Albion Online Players.
    1. Limelight explains his background coming to Albion Online.
    2. Limelight retaliates to the haters who are jelly.
    3. ???
    4. Profit. Conclusion and what the future holds.

    1. Background.

    So people keep asking me all the time; "What makes you so good? how are you such a strategist and master mind all bundled into one?"
    people ask for my gaming background but seeing as there is such a long list i cbf normally responding to the peasants.
    For you all today i will explain what makes Limelight who he is to this day , and why he is such a feared/respected name in Albion.

    So it all started when i played runescape back when i was 6 years old. i was addicted, my parents wanted to pull me off it they wanted me to go outside and play with the kids up the road. The kids up the road smelled funny. and i was already playing basketball 2 nights a week so i refused. i wanted to level up my runescape character and be the best there ever was. My name was Agonyx and after 4 years into it at the age 10 i was in the top 30 in the world for most highest stats and overall experience. The game got bland i was staking billions of GP and even potentially made RL money who knows. I moved to a indie Australian game Fury:Unleashed. This was an insane difference in gamestyle. it was straight up mmo PvP arena with 1second world cd on all spells. I spent months and months training 5 months in i was Rank 1 in the world.
    My rank was Eternal and only 5 people could have that at one time. <Eternal Fate Wrathblade> I made my own guild Access Denied which had all the top players, we dominated the game. and people had alot of hate towards me. they always asked what my build was but i refused to tell anyone. Auran made a few bad decisions and the game lost all hope and was disbanded.

    I then finnaly moved onto WoW it was Vanilla and i played that on and off for the past 10 years. i lead the Australian number 2 guild Avast to world firsts over 5 years of that time i also Co lead <Loaded> a top 10 guild in the world. Being in this hardcore ranks and gameplay my whole life i strive to be the absolute best in the world. if i am not up there i am not worth playing the game. i have to excel so i made my own guild in Cata and lead it to number 3 in Australia with a group of RL friends that were casual. I strategised and prepared all week every week and i got there i have OCD i have to be prepared for everything.

    Between all this i played all games under the sun but as casual to take a break from professional gaming till 4 years ago when i started playing Heroes of Newerth. i hit 2200 psr and then my friends are like we can go to Dota 2 and actually make money. i was excited but at that point the American servers killed it for us Australians and we didnt have a chance. NA servers have been crippling me to become pro my whole life.

    I played dota for over 6000 hours and was ranked as high as an Australian could in ranked on NA. I played League casually to relax from Dota , I reached diamond 3 not that great but i could get Challenger if i attempted at it.

    I now Play Albion Online as a top 10 player and will push to the number 1 spot over the next year. And my guild will come with me. I also play Hearthstone as a 9x Legend player under LimelightYo#1607.

    2. Retaliation.
    To all the people sooking and complaining always hating and jealous. I've had it my whole life. it really does not affect me, your just publicising me more than i am myself , and i appreciate it. I love attention and my skills give me enough attention already as is. People see how hard i push and try to be the best i can be. Last alpha i pushed myself 49 hours straight till i pretty much passed out. Although my guild at the end when i left disliked me , the main reason they could come up with is that i drained the game from them i made it too hardcore they wanted to be more casual. So i left. Not everyone can keep up with my elitist hardcore nature. but there are people out there who strive to be the top like me. and i say to you sirs, Jump on the train, who evers with me will be up there with me but its not a easy climb. We have the likes of @ProtON and @Shorty and @Dreadstar These players and groups behind them are deadly and elite and it will be my pleasure to make the game enjoyable for them as they will for us equal competition.

    So you guys can continue to call me lamelight or whatever you want to call me. but beat me in the game, show your higher rank then me or your better than me. you cant. You dont have the background i have the haters are just these casual scrubs who are here to scratch their head and fail miserably. to all the people trying to achieve the best they can be push on you will get there.

    3. ??? (Plug)
    Feel free to look up all the information i have given you. its all there and real. I expect absolute respect from everyone underneath me , i am here to help people. people say im only toxic for the community without me this forum would be dead. i do more than anyone knows. just because im not helping mechanics or gameplay my job isnt to do that, i am happy with where SI take this game i have complete faith in them to keep me happy with their choices.
    Access Denied. PvP (Worldwide) Shitting on all guilds this Alpha!

    Im not a bad guy dont take what i say to heart.

    4. Conclusion.
    In the next year i will claim the number 1 spot in the game overall. Access Denied will be the most elite small force anyone has seen and people will tremor. The nicer you are to me now the better off you will be at that point later. Im not a mean person i give everyone a chance to be good to me and i will repay with kindness. I hope this makes everyone stfuppercut for a bit and just sit here and appreciate who you get to play with. i will be taking questions here or inbox if you'd like to know more about me or the game. And as i will be becoming a Esport player soon im happy to take sponsorships also.
    I hope you enjoyed the read and gained a bit of insight into your Leader and God Limelight.

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  • He forgot his Albion History:

    Died first, Deleted his Battlevault 30min before a fight, lost a 5v5 vs skytea, Died first again, died first 1 more time, sold his guild for fame, died before all the others did, paied people to not fight against him in 5v5s because he was scared, died first.

    be scared, or he will continue his amazing history!
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  • Rosalia wrote:

    He forgot his Albion History:

    Died first, Deleted his Battlevault 30min before a fight, lost a 5v5 vs skytea, Died first again, died first 1 more time, sold his guild for fame, died before all the others did, paied people to not fight against him in 5v5s because he was scared, died first.

    be scared, or he will continue his amazing history!

    Lol.. harsh Rosalia I'm not sure if you're after big ups with myself/dworf but seems funny you're tearing him apart when you guys hung out a bit in the prior alpha.

    I don't mind my misguided Limey, he'll always be the crazy boy.. one thing I will give to Limelight is that he probably leads the game with diplomacy of any other guild leader.., he's extremely conniving and strategic in this area his depth and ability to do this surprised me.

    Limelight has his fingers in many many pies lol

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