Scelti - The Chosen Ones are recruiting!

    • Scelti - The Chosen Ones are recruiting!

      Scelti is recruiting!

      We are looking for active experienced players.
      Scelti is an international guild focused on all aspects of the game, especially in pvp. We are part of SQUAD alliance, we finish in 5th place in season 4 and 5, and we are already working to reach an even better place next season.

      Requirements to join:
      • Be active (premium necessary to join)
      • 15m pvp fame
      • Respect all members and all guild/alliance rules
      • Respond to CTA (Call to arms)
      • Discord + microphone
      • Being able to communicate in english (doesn't have to be your primary language)

      If you want join us, send message in recruit-request in our discord

      You can also contact me in my discord Gunner#1262 or in game Gvnner / Amst3rdaM
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    • Je ne prends même pas la peine de lire ta présentation. Tu es sur la partie française du site, la moindre des choses seraient de traduire ta présentation. Si on veut rejoindre une guilde anglaise on serait allé voir ta présentation sur la catégorie concernée -> ici .