Hellion Jacket/Merc Jacket

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    • Hellion Jacket/Merc Jacket

      With the shadow nerfs to Hellion Jacket and Mercenary Jacket with how healing sickness works, is now the time to buff leather armors?!

      Inferno Shield - 30% Dmg reflect -> 50% Dmg reflect
      Electric Field - Purgeable -> Not Purgeable
      Life Steal Aura - 20% heal tick increase
      Bloodlust - 20% heal tick increase
    • iirc inferno shield was at 50% before and got nerfed cuz in gvg too many bruisers used assa jackets (most offensive stats on leather) with inferno shield.
      i dont gvg but at least in ow i havent seen it in a while.
      not sure whether an increase is the right move, gvg meta might have shifted in a direction where even 50% reflect wouldnt see use any more though.

      the healing sickness mechanic itself should be changed (weapon heal skills only) imo.
      Now if u want a mercenary jacket to be as effective in 5v5 as before (just to illustrate the problem, i know its not meta) ud need to increase the healing output which would probably make it op in 1v1, similar problem with hellion jacket ...
      so a healing tick increase cant be the solution imo.

      as for life leech ... if they dont want wanna rework the whole healing mechanic change it into a lifesteal mechanic if thats easier :)

      electric fields 60s cd seems off in regards to specters 30s cd and the fact that its purgable
      making it not purgable sounds good for me