Be a bro, show the pike some love!

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    • Be a bro, show the pike some love!

      I'm a big fan of the spear line, pike being one of my favourite weapons. Unfortunately I just can't seem to find a situation where I can make it shine, or even be worth bringing out for that matter.

      Would be happy to see some kind of buff/rework so I can blow off the cobwebs and take her out for a walk once in a while.

      A few other weapons could do with some attention too, but I don't love them as much as I love Amanda... My pike.
    • My main problem with pike is that you loose stacks on using the E. I would rather have a stronger E with longer cooldown, that doesn't suffer the stack loss.

      Seems crazy to me that Heron provides a ranged, AOE stun that is not stack dependent, and lets you keep your stacks.

      Overall I love the pike for ganking, especially after the inner focus buff. Try hunter shoes with inner focus and spirit spear:

      Stack > Inner focus > Stack > Rush > Move to target > Stack > E

      The root timer is disgusting, sometimes I also use Howl to slow them after the E. Duration is insane with inner focus and Rush. For quick dismount/or kill on target, demon cape is nasty, and you can always use a demon helm to secure the damage instead of howl for the slow. For the jacket, hunter gives you some nice persistent damage.
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