few ideas for future balance changes/reworks

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    • few ideas for future balance changes/reworks


      i have a few ideas that might help solve some issues regarding balance as well as an idea for a new mechanic.
      hope they find some use, even if just debated :).

      1) some weapons are seen as too strong only in combination with certain armor stats by some players (e.g. weapon + cloth chest op, weapon + plate/leather fine)
      idea: dont lower the weapons base dmg but instead let it scale with the armor pieces inherent dmg modifier. dmg passives would become additive.
      default scaling value would be "1", so no changes.
      example: mage robe has a 50% inherent dmg modifier. weapon gets 80% inerent dmg modifier scaling.
      that would result in: ["weapon base dmg" * "inherent chest piece dmg modifier" * 0.8] * other modifiers = "weapon base dmg when using cloth chest", so X * 1.5 * 0.8 = 1.2*X instead of current 1.5*X while the dmg when using plate or leather armor wouldnt be affected at all.
      assuming u use the dmg passive on ur mage robe: 1.2*X + 0.08 = 1.28*X

      2) idea for a new mechanic applicable to possibly reworked weapons:
      let the dmg of certain skills scale based on opponents total armor and max health.
      i dont have a possible formular in mind yet but the idea seems nice to have a few tankbreaking skills (snipeshot anyone?) which of course would have counterplay, wouldnt be spammable etc. but definitely hurt a tank and dont oneshot clothies (true dmg still worse for clothies than tanks in regards to max hp). the amount of such skills should be kept very low to not devalue armor too much.
      -> btw. 1) if applied to several weapons/skills could help balance out this devaluation ;)
      -> im aware that we have %max hp dmg (like on broadswords E) but we dont have the combination with total armor yet :)

      thanks for reading, hope u guys can work with it :D
    • the majority of stats live on the chest piece. Just balance it out between chest helm and boot. as far as stats go currently, players only consider chest and weapon,

      Should be
      Cloth boot + cloth helm = cloth chest stats.
      Plate boot + plate helm = plate chest stats

      Instead of a whole extra stat mechanic being added to the game.

      Resilience penetration already plays the “tank break” role you mention in part 2