Alternative way to fix Bloodletter @Retroman

    • Alternative way to fix Bloodletter @Retroman

      dear @Retroman
      we all know you want to make this game better and more interesting to all players
      and all bloodletter solo - pvpers/solo players (not gankers) like me would thank you if you would rethink the decision to manage bloodletters OP by nerfing its CD
      I personally recommend to pay your attention on such ways to do that WHILE not killin its potential in 1vs1 fights :
      1) trim down its E range...even up to 9-10 meters ( with same 20sec base CD)
      2) add dependency on hit the enemy
      for example - same 20sec base CD IF you hit enemy with your E OR 30sec base CD if you didnt hit the enemy
      3) or complete rethinking of bl E mechanics

      I ask you to consider the changes in the context 1vs1 pvp (not only ganks and ZvZ)
      especially before global update for solo players
      how to use Bloodletter vs popular OW builds after such update
      1) vs 7sec 700dmg warbow E (with 0 stand time/0 cast time Frostshot) and same dmg Q
      2) vs 15sec 1500! dmg curse E (with merc - so you never would reach <40% hp without high DPS or some kite)
      3) vs 10sec 1000 dmg broadsword DASH E (along with almost non-stop +30%runspeed AND much-much higher DPS from Q+auto)


      I hope for your attention and your answers
      rly sorry for my english thats not my native language
    • Best fix that I thought about overnight:

      Rapier Stabs (Bloodletter)
      • Cooldown: 20s -> 30s
      • Hitting an enemy now also reduces cooldown on Rapier Stabs (E) by 10s
      • Hitting an enemy below 40% now also reduces all your cooldowns by 5s -> 10s
      This means hitting an enemy at any HP level = CD is 20 sec, like it is now.
      Not hittng an enemy = CD is 30 sec (yes, a nerf)

      Keep this same amazing change for group and ZvZ - hitting enemy below 40% HP = reduction to all CD by 10 sec.

      Win-win for everyone!