Halp I need a guild...

  • Halp I need a guild...

    Heyyy I know some guys already are oldies around here. I am new and plan to buy in next Alpha. I'd like to know if you guys have any Guild to recommend? I already looked a fair bit around and I have 2 or 3 names in head but I'd like your thoughts.

    I am a dedicated and hardcore gamer.
    I play between 20 and 50Hours a week.
    I played most MMOS/MOBA up to this date and been GuildMaster and Officer.
    My main language is French(Canada,QC)(Sorry) but I can speak english no problemo.
    I plan on mainly craft/gathering and focus on providing my guild with what they need.(Might change once I've played but I doubt it).
    I want a serious guild that has goals and can compete with anyone.(Small guilds or big ones, as long as it is structured and impactfull in the game).

    PS: I hope I am in the good section..

    Thanks for your help!!

    You can call me Tbar.