More deco for Islands

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    • More deco for Islands

      As the title says:

      Fences - To create enclosed areas in the island
      Barn doors (Clickable and non clickable)
      Coffins/Tombs (Similar to the monthly reward)
      Tool pile/ Hay stick/Field cow(Mule) - You currently have the stack of hay but no tool to move it
      Water trought - Horses have to drink right?
      Anvil and firepit- Looks nice in the island to seem like a crafting corner without building the whole proper building
      More statues
      Horse Pole/Hitching post
      Meat rack - Shows a cow or something cut up hanging
      Cutting log- same as the butcher has (Can RP people heads got chopped off)
      Water Mill- to be placed in the sea, moves around with the waves, creates energy
      Lobster traps
      Heads on spikes
      Hangman post
      Chairs/Picnic table
      Cannnon/Small Ballestas
      Suit display/Mannequin - This one would be the coolest one, so you can show you gear off
      Water fountains
    • I would also like to see Islands having an equipable slot at the NPC that would allow the theme of the island to be changed.

      Such as different seasons/biome theme, hellgate theme, halloween/Christmas theme etc

      P.S rotatable houses/buildings would also be a nice addition
    • Hey there,

      Thanks for this big list of item suggestions, will pass it along! We do hope to bring you more and more furniture items for your island through the Adventurers Challenge.. and if I heard correctly.. more statues and carpets could be quite close on the horizon...

      Also, we know that pretty much every player spends at least some time on their island/s, so I also think the option to theme them could be a very suitable change and would help with getting immersed in the world. We can add this to the suggestion list, and then bring it into the talks about vanity and customization to see if it's an option for the future.

      - Evoque
      AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601
    • Themed island is such a good idea, hope to see it coming to the game at some point !

      Themed building could be nice to and add a feeling of uniqueness to each city, every player built building would let you choose between default or local aspect for it :)

      Probably tons of works with the buildings tier and use variety, but would be awsome as Albion Online Artistic direction is such a good one *_*