Normal Bow E (enchanted quiver) problem

    • Normal Bow E (enchanted quiver) problem

      The enchanted quiver ability has a problem where it sometimes deals the wrong damage. See the image below:

      As seen in the image, sometimes the damage seems to lag what it should be based on the number of stacks of enchanted quiver. I can't say why but here is my speculation: The enchanted quiver stacks are applied on hit, but the damage bonus from the stacks is applied as the arrow is fired. Thus somewhere between the arrow travel time, my attack speed, and the server there becomes a disconnect where an arrow gets shot right before a stack is applied. But then the stack number catches up and the next arrow that is fired deals the correct damage.
    • Another issue with enchanted quiver.

      When you activate enchanted quiver you get a red coloring on your character.

      When you activate cleric robe and it procs you get a yellow coloring for the 3 seconds you are invulnerable.

      When you proc cleric robe while enchanted quiver is active, you turn yellow until the enchanted quiver runs out. You are only invulnerable for the normal 3 seconds so it is just a visual issue.