Just found Albion and am already excited!!

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    • Just found Albion and am already excited!!

      Hello~!! ^^ I'm Angie and I was looking for a good game with open world PvP (something that is desperately needed, in my opinion) and I came across Albion Online. After looking around the site, I feel that this is a perfect game for me. ^^ I'm really excited!! I'd bring my partners with me, so Albion would have three new players. ^^ I'd personally do a mix of RP and PvP, so if anyone else is into that, feel free to reply so we can get to know each other. ^^ Anyway, that's a little bit about me. o/

      It's always nice seeing new players coming over to albion a game which many of us love. This game is very unique and for players who have never played a style of game like this can get quite frustrating to learn or even deal with. I know you didn't really ask for tips but I wanted to take it upon myself to throw some out either way in hopes of it making your experience that much more enjoyable.

      1) Check youtube for videos and tutorials about maps and their colors (some maps are dangerous over others and its very good to learn which ones so you don't accidently wander into a map that's full on pvp and get ganked and loose your progression.

      2) Learning points , One of the most important progression tools in the game when it comes to gathering/crafting (These generally take a lot longer then other things on the destiny board to raise causing progression to be extremely long if you miss use your LP) - Save your learning points for your desired gathering and crafting destiny board paths as it will speed up your progression 10 fold

      3) Focus , Focus is a great tool in assisting you in making silver as you reach higher tier of crafting and gathering. The reason for this is when using focus for refining enchanted materials you get an increase resource returns which in turn helps you produce more of the materials out of those you do have. It can also be used when it comes to raising mounts, throughout the open world of albion there are mobs which has a chance to drop pups , you will be able to raise them and eventually turn them into mounts but when using focus during this method they have a chance in having pups of their own increasing your silver making abilitie (example dire wolf pups are about 400-500k silver each , when raising with focus there is a chance for it to produce dire wolf pups so yeah CHA CHING!)

      4) Guilds, Be very mindful of clicking that accept button when you receive guild invites. You want to make sure you take the time to find a guild that's right for you. This is because you have a 48 hour cool down period after quitting a guild before you can join another which could be frustrating to a player who was unaware of this system. Another reason to take your time is some guilds will have higher taxes then others meaning the silver you earn from monster kills gets taxed so higher taxing guilds will literally suck the money out of your stack. This was once a big issue of people with 90% tax guilds spam inviting new players and reaping the reward. BEWARE

      Obviously there are more tips for new players but imo these are some of the most important tips for players starting in the world of albion and looking for a way to get silver to afford premium.

      Again welcome to albion!!! and We hope you grow to love and enjoy the game as many of us do!!!!
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