Oberon is Live!

    • Oberon is Live!

      Oberon, the sixth major post-launch update for Albion Online, is here! This update brings a major new Randomized Dungeon feature, new creatures, shrines, and chests, numerous quality-of-lifeimprovements, and much more. Watch the trailer here:

      Here's more of what's coming your way with Oberon:

      Randomized Dungeons Have Arrived

      Hidden Entrances now spawn throughout the open world, revealing Randomized Dungeons: one-of-a-kind, procedurally generated lairs that offer a new gameplay experience each time, with the potential to contain rare bosses and valuable loot. You can also use Dungeon Maps, a new item dropped by mobs, to show the locations of nearby dungeons.

      Powerful Foes, Dazzling Rewards

      Oberon brings a host of ferocious new creatures to fight, and mobs now drop runes, souls, relics, and higher-tier loot. Within Randomized Dungeons you'll find all-new chests, reworked with new visuals that reveal the rarity and type of the loot within, and shrines that give incredible full-party buffs to Fame and Silver earned.

      New Tutorial, Less Grind, Better Quality of Life

      An all-new tutorial gives new players clearer guidance on the game's systems and combat. Fame for killing mobs and gathering has been increased, reducing the early-tier grind to unlock weapons, armor, and gathering gear. And Oberon also brings numerous quality-of-life improvements, from streamlined crafting and transmuting to improved chat options.

      For a detailed list of changes, you can read the patch notes here.