Feedback on the Oberon new tutorial

    • Feedback on the Oberon new tutorial

      First off, you all did an awesome job! Kudos!
      The new opening sequence is fantastic for establishing the tone of the game (including making enemy mobs feel like a real part of the world), the instructions are easier to understand, and the whole thing is much more fun to play through. I appreciate the reduced emphasis on gathering and crafting, and making sure players know that buying stuff off the Market is important, too. Getting your first mount much sooner is also great. :thumbup:

      The one big thing I noticed that could be improved: when you complete the last combat quest (out in a T3 zone), the NPC says something like "go to the Royal City, there are no more tasks/quests, you'll have to figure out the rest yourself". And this is great, but VERY easy to miss or accidentally click out of, which is bad because it's this transition point that confuses new players the most ("Where do I find the next quest? What am I supposed to be doing?"). I would just suggest adding one last tutorial pop-up message that clearly states this same information, and maybe encourages the player to connect with other players at the nearby city. It would also be good to have something that teaches the importance of forming a party with other players (and leads the player to do group content), but I'm not sure where it should be placed.

      PS - Going up the tower at the beginning and seeing the view was really cool! We need more locations like that in the game!
    • Hey Tilden,

      You make a really good point here, and it is important for sure that there is a smooth transition from the tutorial to where you begin your own story in Albion. :)

      Thank you for your sharing your personal experience, it's very much appreciated and I am sure the devs will be thrilled to hear your feedback when we drop it by them!

      - Evoque
      AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601
    • Came here to post the exact same feedback -- much improved tutorial, great job! And the Ending is unclear.

      I ran the new tutorial last night and I know how to progress in the game. But when taking the ship to the mainland I was confused about whether the tutorial was done or if there was more to do. There are more quests on the minimap, which was a bit misleading because AO isn't a quest-based game. I think a popup in the middle of the screen at the end of the tutorial will go a long way. "This is the end of the tutorial. There will be some additional quests to help you continue your journey but now you get to do whatever you want! Make silver, gain fame, and go for it!"

      One other small piece of feedback on one of these quests is that I accepted one quest to kill a Heretic boss but I couldn't find any bosses in the dungeons. Not a huge problem, except if I was a new player and I thought this was still the tutorial, I would have felt stuck.

      With that said, well done, keep up the good work!