Guild disbanded without a warning

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    • Guild disbanded without a warning


      Am I able to get the items from the personal bank on the guild island? Maybe the devs would help?

      I was ill, busy with work and some other school stuff (and some other games) so I was not active for maybe about a week? Week and a half at max. When I wanted to return I found out I was kicked from a guild. I just shrugged and thought it was simply because the one week policy. But he also removed me from discord. I gave him benefit of the doubt because it could be entirely possible I never added him as a friend since I don't use that function and we were able to chat because we shared a server together.But he did not accept my request after a few days and I could not catch him in game. So my friend added him and he added him almost instantly, meaning he is ignoring my friend request on purpose. When my friend asked him about it he sent him "Chrisphashbrownz Today at 10:20 AMguild was disbanded is allleaders didn't log in anymore"then why tf he at least did not tell me something? Like... "Hey, come and get the things you had in the chest on the island, the guild is disbanding"
    • That is unfortunate Larax but the Devs will not be able to police all of these cases (this kind of stuff happens daily). The best thing players can do is take proper care of their important possessions when storing. You should focus on only using your personal island and the Caerleon personal bank for important items. I would never lean on guild island or alliance owned territory banks as these things could at anytime be gone without much warning if you're not able to pay attention daily.