Frost prism needs some love

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    • Frost prism needs some love

      The frost prism is extremely fun as it embodies what a frost staff should be capable of as a support back-line damage with some decent crowd control.

      It has the potential to be viable in a lot of roles but right now as it is, it's pretty bad overall.

      Let me list a few things that all combined make it the least viable option compared to other artifact weapons:
      • It's reflect-able. That by itself makes this weapon particularly dangerous as it's damage is all instant. Plenty of zvz weapons provide way more damage and don't have this problem (brimmy/wailing/weeping) and the others either don't have big damage to reflect or are channeled so you can cancel (badon/siegebow/blazing). It doesn't make sense that great frost/hoarfrost/glacial isn't reflect-able but the prism is.
      • The damage and crowd control is mediocre at best. It's designed as a support back line weapon so it's understandable that the damage is lower compared to other weapons, but the crowd control it provides is supposed to make up for that, right? This is just not really the case right now. The "frozen" mechanic on the frost nova W is actually better cc as a base line skill than the relic itself. A one second "freeze" doesn't really feel that impactful when there's other options of cc that last longer or have more impact in a fight.
      • The cooldown is very high. Frost prism shares the highest cd for a weapon alongside blazing and rampant at 45 seconds. None of these three weapons are all that popular right now in pve or pvp, and it's not too far of a stretch to think it's because of the cooldown.
      • It can be cancelled. For a one second cast time it doesn't look like it would be cancelled that much, but good players and just luck make it happen more often than you think. There has to be counter-play in the game so I totally understand why it's possible, but the prism suffers more from this than other weapons especially because it's damage is all front loaded in that cast. A siegebow interrupted still gets some damage off, blazing/meteor has firewall to defend itself, and the rest are all instant (excluding damnnation because it's garbage). For a back line support staff to not be able to get it's 1 second cc off feels super lackluster.
      TLDR: This weapon has a lot of potential, but there's no point to using it over playing a pure support or pure damage role.