Reworking healer staffs

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    • Reworking healer staffs

      So, as a healer main in literally all of my multiplayer games that have healer roles, I have a big issue with Albion's healer design (both holy and nature). A healer in Albion can only do two things: heal one person, or heal multiple people.

      Both priest staffs and nature staffs have essentially ZERO utility (with nature's Revitalize mana regen being the only exception, and Revitalize didn't even do that until relatively recently), and if you're playing as a good healer you have ZERO damage. (I don't count Great Holy's E under utility because if you use it just for the utility you've blown your biggest heal on a long cooldown). You literally cannot have a single damaging ability on your weapon unless you give up your whole W slot, and then the damage ability you DO get only does damage, has zero utility, and zero synergy with the rest of your abilities.

      In other words, if you're playing a proper healer, you are 100% a sitting duck, and you can't interact with enemies even a little bit (dealing meaningful damage, applying cc, etc) and are just a walking punching bag. This is not fun or interesting.

      The Proposal: Remove the current W damage abilities, and rework Q abilities so that your main healing ability can also be used offensively. A Q ability targeting an ally heals, but the same Q can target an enemy to deal damage instead (probably a little less damage than the current W abilities). In addition, add an additional row of staff passives (the same thing plate chest armor has now) that purely work as a modifier to your Q, adding an additional effect to it like an enemy debuff or a targeted buff, depending on who you use it on.

      This makes it so that a healer never feels like JUST a punching bag (even though healers will always be punching bags at SOME point), and gives a good size design space for both offensive and pure-support playstyles (holy staffs and nature staffs can be even more distinct from each other in more subtle ways). It also increases build variety because any W ability can be chosen without sacrificing core game mechanics.

      And who knows, maybe it would even get more people wanting to play healer!

      PS - Check out this suggestion to add one more weapon ability to the hotbar. This would especially benefit healers because of how limited the current ability set is. I could finally use Reawaken on holy staffs and not cripple my healing output!

      PPS - Even if none of the above is implemented, please, PLEASE reduce the cast time of Smite. It feels super clunky and I hate having to use it.

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