Adding another weapon ability slot to the hotbar

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    • Adding another weapon ability slot to the hotbar

      To get it out of the way: This would take a long time to implement, mostly because of the sheer amount of rebalancing that would need to be done. I don't expect this to happen anytime soon. But I'm proposing it anyway so that if the idea IS well received, the devs can start sooner rather than later.

      The proposal: Repurpose the "food" slot into an additional weapon ability, so that weapons have 4 active abilities instead of 3. Why? Because customization options within a single weapon type is very limited currently, and this would allow MUCH more customization. This would make YOUR personal build more unique compared to other people, which feels cool and makes for a more flexible meta.

      So food, instead of taking up a slot on the hotbar, would be consumed the same way that silver bags and fame tomes can be opened now: via clicking the food item and then clicking the Use button. This wouldn't be a big loss, since you generally only use food once every 30 minutes.

      As for the weapon abilities themselves, adding that one slot opens up a HUGE array of additional build options, especially for healers (see my separate proposal for improving the healer play experience here). Since Q abilities are super limited (only two choices, with only a single difference of AoE or cast time between them), and E abilities are completely locked, almost all of an individual player's customization options come from the W slot. But even that can be hard to customize, because the type of combat you're doing will heavily influence which W ability is best to use. Unless you're ALSO swapping armor pieces, most of the time you only have about two viable options. We could do better than that.

      Again, such a change would basically involve reworking every weapon in the game. But it would have a huge, positive, lasting impact on the quality of the game's combat. More options, more strategies, more dynamic combat.

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    • It's all there in the opening post, feel free to read it again. If you think moving food off the hotbar is bad, say that. If you think having access to one more ability during combat is too much for you or other players to handle, say that. If you think it wouldn't change the game enough to be worth the effort, say that.

      But instead, you've added nothing to the discussion.
    • I've always felt that the game would feel better with most passive slots as well as that one extra ability slot. My idea would simply be that the players choose their Q and W and then the third slot lets them choose either another Q or another W ability, as long as it hadn't already been chosen.

      For balance purposes though it might feel weird, the third ability chosen syncs its cool down with the ability line it came from. So for example if you chose two Q's then using the Third ability or the Q would put them both on cooldown. If however you chose two W's then using one of the W's puts them both on cool down. This basically makes that third ability slot more like a flex ability that you can utilize should the opportunity show up.

      One Example could be the Fireblast and the AoE ground attack Q on the firestaff. A player might choose both of these spells so in the situation where they are singling out someone they spam Q but if a larger group shows up they can just start using the AoE. ability instead.

      I think it could be interesting though I have gotten used to my current bindings quite well.