3v3 DPS-only Arena!!!

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    • 3v3 DPS-only Arena!!!

      For the longest time, the arena-queue for a solo-DPS player is 30+ minutes. Sorry SBI but I don't want to sit on my ass in your game, waiting for 30 minutes, to play the game.

      Here is a solution:

      If your arena-queue goes above 7 minutes and you don't have a 5v5 opportunity (lack of healers), allow players to have an option to enter a 3v3 DPS-only arena. The games would be quicker, rewards slightly less, and there would be no healer allow (no nature, no holy, such players would be reported and banned from arenas for 3 months).

      I'm not going to last on the 30-minute queues, very discouraging...
    • the reason arena queue is so long is because there is no reason to requeue. You get you reward for the day and then you can leave with a win and a smile on your face. Why requeue when you know you will gain nothing? might as well go back to mage def or hce or whatever. for every arena game, usually at least 5 players leave the pool. I'm not saying 3v3 dps only is a bad idea, but the solution to these unexpectedly long queue times in a pvp game is better rewards.
    • I don't think there should be endless rewards for arena so that players sit in town rather than go open-world.

      But, dps solo queue players shouldn't have to wait 30 minutes just to play the game at any time of the day.

      It's about instant gratification. If I have 1 hour of playtime, I'd like to do an arena, but depending on the queue, MAYBE I'll get one.

      I believe a lot of other players are in this same position.