Fishing bait change and new buff item

    • Fishing bait change and new buff item

      This is actually a two part suggestion:

      1. Fish Repellent item to immediately make seaweed available to catch. Second, the probability of seaweed would be increased to at least 50%, if not higher, making a 'bite' more likely to be seaweed.

      2. Change the fish bait buff. Fish bait only increases bite speed, depleting a location's fish resources faster. The best reason I've heard to use fishing bait is to speed farming seaweed (a bit opposite to what someone would assume 'fish bait' to do. This seems unintuitive, as it cannot increase the volume of fish and, in fact, the bite speed time save can currently be easily wasted if the player does not minimize their time between fishing rod casts.... The new effect, I'd suggest, could cause the depletion of fish to be slower, allowing fishing spots to be used longer before the player needs to move (again, from the name, one would assume they want to gather fish instead of seaweed). The time saved by reduced travel time would greatly outweigh the small amount of time saved by current bait's faster bites effect.