[HELLZ] Demonic Fury Recruiting All Members!

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    • [HELLZ] Demonic Fury Recruiting All Members!

      Hello there! We are a fairly new guild, we are growing fast and we need your help to continue!

      We aren't picky on what you do we accept all playstyles! We don't expect you to be a professional. If you need help please feel free to ask!

      We are a friendly bunch and very easy to get along with.
      Since we are fairly new we are beginning the basics on certain game events such as GvG, HCE's, PvP Teams Etc.
      We also run FF's, ZvZ's, Arenas, PvP trips, Ganking etc! It's a all on board!

      Also, we have a Guild Rank System which gives people the opportunity to feel accomplished, give you self worth. If you are interested in that this is the Guild for you!

      We are the Leading Guild of HELLZ Alliance. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

      If you are interested in joining just shoot me a PM In-Game! XCloudX

      [-DF-] XCloudX