[Idea] solo/duo content: HeadHunters!!

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    • [Idea] solo/duo content: HeadHunters!!

      Leaders of monster factions went into hiding, plotting something against the king. Therefore kings guard set a bounty on their heads. Come brave adventurer and claim your rewards in help to the king.

      There is an NPC in Carleon selling informations about hiding places of rogue leaders.
      For some sum of silver you can buy one. This information is a map with the location of a dungeon. However this map does not contain the name of the map. You have to search what map in the world fits to the one show in the item.
      When you arrive on the shown location you can use the map to open a 2man portal to a dungeon.
      In this dungeon you may find a few monsters and a boss with his treasure chest in the end. When you slay the boss his head will drop as a trophy. This trophy you can bring to the NPC in Carleon to claim your reward + HeadHunter points (similar to faction points).
      With each handed trophy your status as HeadHunter increase opening options of buying higher maps with stronger bosses and bigger reward and also better options to spend your HeadHunter points in the shop. (cosmetics + special mount???)
      On top of that each boss have a slight chance of dropping a bonus map. This map will lead you to the Head boss of the organization. But be careful this one is way stronger but his treasures are also bigger.
      All the bosses are a challenge for a HeadHunter with strong AoE spell you have to dodge but low AA dmg so anyone skillful enough can challenge them.

      What do you think about this? :)