Black Sun Syndicate - Fresh - Newbie Friendly - US

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    • Black Sun Syndicate - Fresh - Newbie Friendly - US

      Black Sun Syndicate is a new guild looking to build from the ground up with new friends! Our focus is on group content including: Open World PvP and PvE. We would like to work towards GvG and ZvZ as well.

      More about us:
      A couple dudes from the Midwest USA decided to try out Albion and fell in love immediately. We wanted to start our own community to meet and grow with others!

      More About Black Sun:
      Veteran Mmo players coming from games like Runescape, SWTOR, and WoW looking to make our mark on Albion. Again we are fresh so we arent progressed very far. We have 1 guild island (Thetford 3/6) and are looking to expand more in other cities in the near future.

      Fresh Guild with friendly and helpful people looking to grow with others.

      Contact Zedros or Sylverstag in game for more information. See you all in Albion!
    • We are still recruiting and preparing for the free to play launch! We now have 6/6 island with all workstations free to use for our members! Our goals are growth and being able to provide our members with daily guild activities such as Random Dungeon farming and pvp!

      Contact Zedros or QLessGamer in game for an invite or more information about us!

    • Met the Guild Master, Zedros, a few weeks ago and joined Black Sun Syndicate. As mentioned, the guild is still relatively small, but most of the members are active, participate in discord (and other forms of communication), and regularly enjoy group content. With F2P essentially here I'm told we are aiming to ramp up our recruiting efforts. If anyone is looking for a solid, friendly, and active little guild definitely contact Zedros or QLessGamer with any questions or requests to join us!
      Bedywyr | Black Sun Syndicate | Thetford