Silver/Gold lost upon death

    • Silver/Gold lost upon death

      So everywhere I can look all I can find is that you don't lose silver or gold when you die in a red zone.
      recently lost 2 mil and just wondering if there is a way to bank it or something
      Can someone explain how it works. if silver or gold is lost upon death.
      and if it is possible to bank silver or something so that it is not lost
    • Perhaps you fought someone in a duel which was set for 2 mil. Also when it comes to banking silver its possible to do quite easily.

      First you need to get yourself an island and then build a t2 butcher or t2 smelter. You can then go into the administrative settings in the building and deposit or withdraw money into the building at any time.

      I can't recall if you have to feed the building at all. You might need to keep a tiny bit of nutrition in it to keep it from decaying away or I could be wrong on that. Anyways this is an easy method for storing your money and you can also use this to transfer money between characters by having your next character claim the building temporarily.