Guide: Gathering Journals and You

    • Guide: Gathering Journals and You

      Hey everyone.

      I was writing a little guide and I need a little help confirming my math and my numbers.

      Any input & comments appreciated.

      Gathering Journals and You
      the case for using journals while gathering

      What is a “Journal” ?

      • Journals are a feature of Albion that is designed to give those who use them an additional bonus to whatever they are doing. There are journals for almost everything, but gathering, crafting, fishing and PvE are the most prominent ones.
      • If you carry a journal in your inventory while doing one of the activities mentioned above, it fills up and once you have a full journal you can give it to a ‘Laborer’ who will process it for you to return 22 hours later with either raw resources, refined resources, fish, silver or trophies - depending on what tier and type of journal you gave the laborer.
      Why should I care?
      • Simply put: After reading this, if you don’t use journals while doing stuff - you consciously decide to ignore a 10% - 20% bonus.
      • For this article I will limit the explanation to gathering journals, since fishing, crafting and mercenary journals work slightly different - but the achievable boni are similar.
      But let's look at the potential returns first and then figure out what it takes to get them:

      Loot Table ‘Gathering Journal’ (100% happiness)

      journal tierT2T3T4T5T6T7T8
      gathering journalsbaseloot amount386048323238.438.4

      So what can we see here?
      • You can see the expected resource returns a laborer will bring you on average when he is 100% happy. When you give a laborer a journal, you will also see the expected returns in the UI. However, since the UI is not precise and the returns are based on a weighted loot table you are not guaranteed to get .2 (rare) or .3 (exceptional) resources, but you have a chance to get lucky - since the laborers can not return fractions.
      • Anyway, the important thing about the table above is that you have to multiply it with the current laborer happiness to get the expected returns. Let's assume your guy is 120% happy, then you would have to take the values noted in the table above and multiply it with 1.2 ; 75% happy: x 0.75 and so on.
      • I will leave it to you to make your own sheet where you put in the current market prices of raw resources to get a rough idea of how much ‘resource value’ each full journal has.
      • To properly price journals you have to add the ‘resource value’ you can calculate with the table above to the NPC price of the journal and also somehow factor in how much the time investment is worth processing a journal.
      The base NPC prices for journals are as follows:

      Journal TierNPC Silver Price

      So to get to your final market value of the journal, you would take the loot table number of your journal, multiply that with the happiness value and then add the NPC price to that amount.

      Be aware though that the NPC silver price is influenced by the global discount, so you should check the marketplace before you buy empty journals from a laborer.

      Now that you know how much you can sell or buy journals for on the marketplace, let's look at what it takes to fill them up.

      Before we can look at fancy tables though, there are a few important things to note:
      1. Journals fill up based on the base-fame of the activity. This is important, because if you get 6 Fame (2) that actually means you get 4 base-fame and 2 premium bonus fame. So in theory, if you want to fill a T2 journal (300 fame required) while gathering T2 wood (4+2 fame per swing) you would need to swing at a resource node 75 times (300/4) to fill one journal.
      2. Double procs, due to gathering gear and or buff food count for the journal, since you generate an additional base-fame tick and in essence harvested an additional resource. But again, the base-fame of the hit(s) count towards journals, not the premium bonus.
      3. Gathering journals can only be filled by harvesting the same tier resource or up to two tiers higher. So you can fill a T4 journal by harvesting T4, T5 or T6 resources or a T7 journal by harvesting T7 or T8.
      One little thing to remember is the gathering node size, before we go further:

      Node Tier2345678
      Node Size996552327

      When gathering resources at lower tiers however, you can harvest multiple resources per ‘swing’ effectively: at T2 & T3 you get 3 resources per swing ; at T4 its 2 resources per swing and at T5 and above you get 1 resource per swing.

      This is relevant if you you want to do projections in regards to hourly estimations of how many resources you can gather or how many journals you can fill per hour.

      Anyway, when we look at the base-fame the lower tiers are actually a bit tricky and in the table below you will the fame per swing / fame per resource values. For T5+ that's the same.

      Note: If you get a ‘gather bonus’ proc while harvesting resources, you will also get another fame entry in your journal. However, if you receive a ‘premium bonus’ proc, that does not count towards filling the journal.

      Journal Fame per resource gathered

      24 / 1.33
      39 / 3
      415 / 7.530 / 1545 / 22.560 / 30

      Note: Since the gather bonus is relevant to this you would have to modify the following math with whatever boni you assume. One level of specialization equals 0.5% gathering yield, which is what procs the ‘gathering bonus. So a max level gather (L100), would have 50% more gathering yield (0,5% per level) + 7% yield from the gathering gear + 15% yield from T7 pork pies. (17,5% for .1 ; 20% for .2 ; 22,5% for .3 pies)

      I was notified of a little issue: gathering gear has 10 stacks, so the actual gathering gear bonus should be 70% and not not 7%.
      This is quite relevant and makes filling journals even faster. I'll take out this notification once I have time to fix the numbers.
      Thanks for letting me know.

      So on T4 with just gathering gear and a pie you can add 22% to the following math and on max level T8 spec with a 7.3 pie (unrealistic) you could add 79,5% yield and thus journal filling speed.

      Anyhow, lets look how fast you can fill journals:

      Note: The table below assumes swings, or rather the progress bar filling up once (thats 3 resources at T2/3 and 2 resources at T4). The table below also ignores the gathering bonus mentioned above. The value behind the / is the raw fame value per resource, but the amounts you see are effective ‘swings’ you have to take at a resource node.

      Amount of ‘swings’ required to fill one journal when harvesting the same tier resource

      Tierfame to fill journalsame tier .0same tier .1same tier .2same tier .3
      4120080 / 16040 / 8026,6 / 53,320 / 40
      Bogul#6397 - Merchants of the Mist - Founder & Head of "Management"

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    • I was notified of a little issue: gathering gear has 10 stacks, so the actual gathering gear bonus should be 70% and not not 7%.

      This is quite relevant and makes filling journals even faster. I'll take out this notification once I have time to fix the numbers.

      Thanks for letting me know.

      Let's assume we harvest T5 ore and fill T5 journals along the way.

      • It will take us 107 swings or (107/5 =) 21,4 full nodes to fill one journal.
      • Assuming a +50% gathering yield because of premium status, we should have 107 + 53,5 = 160,5 raw ore.
      • Looking back at the first table, we look at the T5 base yield at 100% happiness, which is 32.
      • So just on a base level, getting 32 extra ore from harvesting 160,5 ore is pretty big.
      • About 20% extra if I’m not looking at this wrong? (correct me, its late :D)

      But now the hard part is happening, which is: number games

      • Let's start with the easy one and assume the laborer happiness is not 100%, but 150% (the cap), which in turn would make our laborer return 48 resources (32 * 1.5) and then we hit a 30% bonus on the base yield.
      • Next, we can assume a properly progressed gatherer who has 50 specialization in one resource type. 50 specialization equals 25% resource yield bonus, which counts for our journal filling. This guy now only needs about 85 swings (17 nodes) to fill a book, which again assuming 150% happiness and a 50% premium bonus will result in a base gathering yield of 127,5 (85+42,5), for which we will in return receive 48 additional resources. 37,6% ?
      • Now we can play around and estimate a realistic +yield bonus % that is the average, to get a real number. Let's assume everyone will always use gathering gear (7% yield) and a pork pie (15% yield) for a base yield bonus of 22%. But I’ll leave that to you to figure out how much you are gathering on average.
      • Because its fun, let's assume the highest possible (but unrealistic) journal filling machine. (100 spec, gathering gear, 7.3 pie = 79.5% yield bonus) This dude hits a node and instead of filling it for 22,5 gets about 40 journal filling-fame per swing out of it, which results in about 12 nodes to fill a journal. So instead of 21,4 he will do it with 12 nodes. Add the +79,5% yield, the +50% premium bonus (60 + 48 + 30 = ) is 138 raw T5 with a book in the inventory equals about 35% again.

      One important note that is relevant as well: journals increase your amount of resources you can sell to the market and thus increase your silver / hour, but do not help you unlock your gathering skills faster. In case you had not realized that yet.

      Because number games are fun, let's look at how many full nodes you need with no yield bonus to fill one journal (same tier).

      Amount of ‘full nodes’ required to fill one journal when harvesting the same tier resource

      Tiersame tier .0same tier .1same tier .2same tier .3

      Now you can make all this a whole lot more complex if you are looking at hourly generation of journals, based on what average rarity of nodes you assume, how much travel time you have between nodes, how full you assume they are and so on - if you are trying to estimate how many laborers you might need on your island.

      But I don’t have more time today to go into more detail.

      What is interesting and relevant however, is if I made any mistake calculating all this and how gathering higher tier nodes to fill lower journals works out in practice.

      And the other problem of course is the large investment cost to build up laborers for yourself or the question whether or not you want to deal with the hassle to process them yourself or if you are purely interested in making silver and sell your full journals to specialized merchants where you effectively have to leave a reasonable margin, hence reducing the actual bonus % again.

      Anyhow, feedback is welcome - especially if I made any mistakes with the numbers.

      If this thread gets a few good answers, I’ll add more to it later and edit OP. Probably specifically at about how much investment you’re looking at if you want to build and run laborers yourself.

      Oh and I also offer a service where you can just use my (already levelled and maxed happiness) laborers for a little cut, without having to build up a bunch of houses yourself.

      -- B

      P.S. this needs love too:
      Bogul#6397 - Merchants of the Mist - Founder & Head of "Management"

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    • Bogul wrote:

      If you need journals, but don't have the right tier laborer yet just PM me on Discord. I give everyone free access to my guild island that has all T8 laborers in caerleon and I have all laborers at T6 in every royal city.
      Now you tell me after I built a house in every royal city for those lol. Btw, when harvesting, be sure to not carry an overabundance of journals that won;t be filled in one session. It sucks getting ganked with carrying a lot of journals.

      P.S. Discord name and #? Great job, well done.