Tales of 3 wanderers

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    • Tales of 3 wanderers

      Ep.6: Giants and an Ancient
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      We finally had a group to go inside. I finally had a group to be with. I felt accepted, my own craft plate, was finally being used. And here we stand, near the cave. The sky is gray, with shades of dirty yellow and the air is filled with fear, that gradually dissipates and without emotion we enter.

      The smell hits my nose first. I know this smell, its blood. The first few giants go down with ease.
      "We can actually do this" said Than. Cold metal presses onto my chest as i get hit. I fly back and hit the wall, the force keeps me pinned to the wall for few moments before i fall to the ground. I look up. Nothing like we seen before. This giant... no, this monster is at least 3 times taller that the ones we saw before. And as i sand up i jump to the side from incoming boulder.

      Bloody, tired but somehow with smiles on our faces.
      "LOOK! Another chest!" someone from group shouts and rushes forwards. I notice a giant druid fallowing him. This druid came from nowhere! I hit this giant in the knee, he shouts and i jump forwards to protect my friends back. This is when i saw it. We are being surrounded by giants. There is at least 4 boulder throwers, 5 axes, couple of axe throwers and a lot of smallest giants with maces.
      We killed few smaller ones before we became a ball for them to kick. When they slam theyr feet on the ground a shock wave unleashes so strong we get stunned for few seconds.

      It's only been 2 minutes of this fight, and everyone is in panic. My armor is almost broken, I'm badly hurt, my fighters are running around, trying no to die, but if they get hit once, they are done... This is when our healer started to talk.
      "Don't panic! Come to me, big heal!" he shouted instructions of when to attack, dodge or come for a heal. He directed us where to go and how to group them. This battle was legendary. As the last giant fell, i looked up and around. Everyone was shocked, no one thought we can do this, no one but the healer...

      Little did I know, the worst was coming soon. Even the biggest giants couldn't compare to that...

      Ep.15: Wolf riders
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      Sunny, blue sky turns gray, the plains become grim, but he is still smiling. He knows that what he is doing, will bring money to his family. His bag is almost full of fiber. A path fallows him, of his own sweat.
      Strong wind blows in his face, he hears howls. He rushes to his Ox, but its too late, they already saw him. Humans riding on wolves. Some say they are just like those wolves, like animals, only thinking about the next kill.
      He knows he wont run away, wolves are too fast.
      "Leave me be, please!" He desperately shouts "I only have 3rd tier fibers!"
      He sees as they get off mounts, taking out bows and daggers. He prepares his claymore. Before he even realizes, he is pinned. He can't move. As a dagger lunges forwards and goes through him with no resistance, he manages to whisper "..why.."
      The last thing he sees and hears...

      Ep.20: Old man and a spear
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      Riding past the territory i can hear noises, people are killing an aspect. That is not what I'm looking for. My spear, it already tasted blood, but it's not enough. "When.. is the next one?" she keeps asking, and I can't answer, the blood thirst is driving me insane. It's been only few minutes from last drop of blood, and I'm already this thirsty? Can't be, what have i become!?

      In the distance I see a moving silhouette. My arms start shaking, i quickly jump down from my mount and go into ambush. He will not suspect a thing as my spear goes through his chest!
      What is this? What is this hobo old man doing? He only has novice robe and novice firestaff!? Am i in the wrong zone? No, this is definetly the right zone. I approach, he sees my bloody spear and eyes. He runs, I chase. It was no challenge to get to him, he didn't even have shoes, no mount either.

      "Hey! Wait, I wont kill you", and he stops.
      "What are you doing here?" I ask
      "Looking for a friend" he says with a smile.
      His fame is not even 2000 and he's in a zone like this...
      "Take this pie, you will get hungry" i offer him, but he does not take it. I think he knows this once belonged to someone who tasted my spear. "He.... Is not worth it.." she whispers to me. I get on my mount and start to wonder around this forest again. I can hear him run with his bare feet away from me.

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