Planned changes to Realmgate in preparation for Season 6

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    • blackspeed wrote:

      So i once went to the Realmgate in Caerleon and used it to get my first look into the outlands . but now i want to have my "main city" Martlock . but in order to use the realmgate there i first have to get to the portal in the outlands there so that means traveling across the whole outlands . First thing to mention: Some new players (including me ) didnt know that there was this portal lock system and now i have to go through the whole outlands . Second thing : The Portal areas where u get out into the lands is overfilled with campergroups that are just waiting for players to get out of the safe zone so they can kills us . Like this it seems it is impossible to remove the Portal lock debuff . and that sucks and im already thinking about quitting . so any advice or help i can get would be appreciated .

      Vulturi wrote:


      I'm relatively new to the game and after spending some weeks in Marlock I moved to Caerleon.

      Reading older posts, Angila was suggested as one of the less populated areas for new players to hunt treasures and gather without being killed too many times by PKs. So I went out to the realmgate but all locations -with the exception of one- lead to Mercia! They are fairly busy, I always encounter PKs and die on the average one out of three times which makes my activity quite unprofitable:

      - How do I reach Angila from Caerleon?
      - Any other less populated black zone you would recommend to gather hemp and kill mobs?

      This is just a couple of examples of why the current portal lock system is a poor solution. Have heard a lot of the same from players on reddit and discord as well. I really hope the SBI team is not sitting on this issue as it is really restrictive, overly complicated and not well explained, especially for all the new F2P players. Even for vets like myself, it is a big quality of life issue not being able to travel to Anglia easily since I am currently Mercia locked. If I want to help guide some new players into the black zone for the first time, I either have to make them skip straight ahead to Mercia which is full of all the mega alliances and campers, or I need to run for an hour across all three continents even if I haven't used any portal for hours.

      @Korn @Elsa I hope you're making this a priority to hot fix a better solution in the next patch.
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    • Just choose location where you feel yourself comfortable, live in appropriate town and fill territories with your guild/alliance members. If you want some action - go and fight your neighbors. Why you don't want to understand this simple things? Each province provide you crafting bonuses and opportunity to saturate the market with your goods. That's the point! Not being everywhere by one click, not the action only in few key locations but everywhere. Now i want to kill everyone who wrote that new portals system is bad :cursing:
    • There are plenty of pros & cons to the Realmgate changes.

      My only issue with it is that the locks have cut me off from a lot of friends in different guilds. I used to be a much more social player before the gate changes. Now I am restricted to playing with a much smaller group. I can still occasionally do content together in royals... But it's just not the same.

      For the most part I'm pleased with the locks, but my Albion experience has felt a little shrunk and boxed in as of late.
    • I really wish they would make City Portal locks 5-12 hour cooldown instead of indefinitely its really annoying to move across the black zone if u go to certain areas to gather but then want to pvp other days....

      i also think they should increase the amount of yellow and red zones with the larger player base, especially for solo and small scale pvp'ers we enjoy red and yellow zones as a means to get away from zergs and group gankers
    • This is the worst change in game for all time.
      Permanent lock is absolutely insane. I hope it will be changed for at least some 2,5,10 hours and a lot of my players will back to game.

      This is abnormal, when you have to run 30 minutes to another portal. A lot of players have no time for fucking horse running. This is not EVE with AFK gate jumping. It is inappropriate to spend hours in game just for horse running.
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    • I hate the fact that you lose home if you die and choose to respawn in city. I know there's reasons why, but why not incorporate town plots to be like a permanently set home?

      Just seems like a wasted opportunity to give town plots more meaning. Also while I'm thinking about town plots - they will never be better than a royal city if they aren't on par or better than return rates in city. Until then they will still be poorly utilized and only used as a starting point for gvg launches after resets.
    • I'm seriously tired of all these people complaining about the portal locks, I've had no issue avoiding gankers when I had to go from caerleon to martlock and vice versa removing the portal lock will benefit bigger guilds because that means they can claim territories anywhere and they will. Keep the system how it is and stop listening to these dimwits!
    • GonkGonk wrote:

      I'm seriously tired of all these people complaining about the portal locks, I've had no issue avoiding gankers when I had to go from caerleon to martlock and vice versa removing the portal lock will benefit bigger guilds because that means they can claim territories anywhere and they will.
      How much did you play before free to play with how locks were before?

      Plus, you seem to think that portal locks are keeping bigger guilds/alliances from doing anything. Look at the map, it's done absolutely nothing to stop them. SQUAD still owns all of Mercia and every castle in Cumbria and Anglia as well. The only consistent gvg action is in Cumrbia and it's mostly vs SQUAD.

      New portal locks are NOT good for this game right now with how it's tied to the black zone. SBI knows this, but this is what we all have to deal with until the new map changes.
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      Tabor wrote:

      Uh Theat warcamps is the problem. Small guilds cannot bring 50+ people to even have the fighting chance to launch a warcamp. Since most territories are gated behind minimal warcamps it does not take much for zergs to prevent GvG launches.
      My name is Atmaweapon, contact me in-game if you are a small guild or alliance who needs help launching versus Squad.

      Mercia and Cumbria territories are vulnerable. If 20 guys launch an attack on each warcamp against Squad, they will start losing territories everyday.

      The problem right now is mostly a lack of coordination, NOT Squad's zerg numbers, NOT Squad's GVG teams, etc. all of those can be beaten.
    • New

      Since the current portal locks were put in place most groups and parties i join in are forced to stay in the royals. We are not often able to go to bz now as the group cannot travel to the same zones. So we the same zones for rds over and over in the royals. I wish they had expanded the royals since it is what has been over crowded.

      Expanded or no there is still nothing to do in the bz. No content that is not in the royals. No cities to use. No cool stuff to stumble upon and be amazed by. Its not like this expansion has given some magical way for the majority of the population to have access to territories or other end game content that would be present here.