[BAM] Eikonic - Small Guild, Getting into GvG

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    • [BAM] Eikonic - Small Guild, Getting into GvG

      Hey all o/

      Interested in GvG? So are we.

      <Eikonic> is a guild focused on gaining skills in small scale PvP and working towards territory gains. Our primary focus for content is Hellgates, Scrims, Mage Raiding and GvG.

      Our Primary Focus:
      We have only recently been working on breaking into GvG's and just won our first territory. We have since lost that territory, but considering our level of experience and short time investing we are very hopeful for the future of our content.

      Having said that, this is not your typical mega alliance group. We seeking members who are looking to be a part of a guild that is breaking into things, not for those looking to begin at the top.

      We are also more than willing to bring in members who are into other aspects of the game. We have no requirement to be a part of the guild and all are welcome to be a part of the experience even if they are not looking to GvG. Our current alliance, [BAM], is a great source of other content such as Fame Farms and, Faction warfare, and just a great social group to be around.

      What we offer:
      • Nightly Small Scale PvP content
      • Chance to participate in Scrims and GvG
      • Fame Farms
      • An Active Community/Discord
      • Help and guidance to all new players on how to effectively farm and get $
      What we expect:
      • Discord
      • Maturity & Respect (To all members)
      Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested: discord.gg/xNh3dPr

      o7 Nazori

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