crash between locations

    • Before last patch some players on screen or close enough caused hyper lag mode when FPS droped to 1-2. After patch that problem is gone no more FPS drop but in zones of player gathering crashes happens quite often, plus crushed when zone change or actually just before zone change in many cases. Than random crashes when some one run past or close out of town, its ok for blue and yellow zones but in red and black it can be quite costly.
    • I’ve also noticed that if you leave Albion’s client app open in the background it drains the phone battery far more than any other app that has been “suspended” and in background. Figured that might be info the devs would like to know.

      Perhaps the crashes are related to the anti-cheat they’ve implemented on the servers. Apparently if on pc and not launched via launcher the game will boot the user off. Since this is in iOS we have only one launcher, however the code server side is another beast and perhaps they just aren’t jiving.