WTS Crafting Labourer Guild Islands (FULL GUILD TRANSFER) Redsaw #6002

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    • WTS Crafting Labourer Guild Islands (FULL GUILD TRANSFER) Redsaw #6002

      So, I've decided to sell my labourer islands, these islands generate a large amount of silver on a daily basis as I want to look into other investment opportunities so I'm hereby seling them off!

      These islands can be used to make a profit without crafting yourself, you can straight up buy the (Full) Journals for each specific labourer and turn a reliable profit on the materials and empty journals returned.

      Price breakdown of production cost:

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      Resources Needed for a Full Guild Island:

      Rough Wood: 34,690
      Rough Stone: 3,469

      T2 Stone Blocks: 3,789
      T3 Stone Blocks: 3,789
      T4 Stone Blocks: 3,789
      T5 Stone Blocks: 3,789
      T6 Stone Blocks: 3,789
      T7 Stone Blocks: 3,789

      (total cost was roughly 18,653,247)

      Cost of purchasing and fully upgrading a guild island: 18,200,000.

      Cost of crafting furniture: 8,244,456

      Total cost: 45,097,703 (This estimation was made in december of 2018.)

      Revenue Calculation

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      1. 54 T6 Fletcher (Full) 10,286 x54= 555,444 (Empty) 7,557 x54= 408,078
      2. 45 T6 Imbuer (Full) 10,956 x45= 493,020 (Empty) 7,580 x45= 341,100
      3. 36 T6 Tinker (Full) 11,961 x36= 430,596 (Empty) 6,646 x36= 239,256
      4. 54 T6 Blacksmith (Full) 9,738 x54= 525,852 (Empty) 7,494 x54= 404,676
      5. TOTAL=2,004,912 TOTAL=1,393,110
      6. T6 Leather =199 x1433 = 285,167
      7. T6 Planks =439 x1181 = 518,459
      8. T6 Steel Bars =493 x1159 = 571,387
      9. T6 Cloth =300 x1111 = 333,300
      10. T6.1 Leather =16 x2659 = 42,544
      11. T6.1 Planks =25 x2212 = 55,300
      12. T6.1 Steel Bars =22 x2439 = 53,658
      13. T6.1 Cloth =15 x2449 = 36,735
      14. T6.2 Leather =1 x6538 = 6,538
      15. T6.2 Planks =2 x4881 = 9,762
      16. TOTAL = 1,912,850
      17. Cost: 2,004,912
      18. Return: 1,393,110+1,912,850=3,305,960
      19. Profit: 3,305,960-2,004,912=1,301,048
      20. Profit Per Island: 1,301,048/3=433,683 Per Day.
      21. All the above figures were based on 4 Weeks Average Values, ensuring the validity to the best I could.
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      For further information in regard to the islands, please view the images below.

      If you would like to make an offer on an island, take into consideration the time it took to level the labourers and the breakdown of the total cost.

      As the title states I have full guild ownership on three different characters, to complete the transaction the guild will be transferred to the character of choice, in doing so all of its assets including the guild island will be transferred.

      To complete the transaction I'd be willing to have a middleman hold the value of both parties incase trust is an issue, this does however mean we will both be donating a sum for their efforts and time. @Saya @Bey87 @Bogul

      My Discord: Redsaw#6002

      Discord: Redsaw#6002

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    • As I have the permission of Redsaw to post here, I would like to offer my services for any individuals interested in this great deal.

      Currently what I offer is simple, I will take care of any island(s) that you wish, by this what I mean is you simple supply me with any filled labor journals and I would be happy to not only fill your laborers but I will also put whatever mats gained into whatever chest supplied or brought by myself.

      My fee currently is only 3k silver per laborer/per day. With this you get the guarantee of having a steady supply of mats to do what you wish, and MrKlean gets to keep on helping out this wonderful community.

      These are not my only services, for more please look for my ad on the Trade forums, or simply drop me a message.

      Thank you for your time.