Small change that will make whispering bow good

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    • Small change that will make whispering bow good

      Just make that only the greeny shot goes and does both the auto-attack damage and the undead arrow damage. (not that awkward auto mechanic that hit the target then the undead arrow goes next)

      It's so stupid when your buff is almost finished, you land your auto but just before it hit your target, buff goes down and the last undead arrow won't go. It's so stupid also when somebody is almost dying, just one hit from the undead arrow but heal give him enough heal that he survive that hit. This mechanic is so stupid for just thoses reasons.

      I've seen some beta footage of bows using explosive shots during gvgs and it used the same stupid mechanic of whispering and they changed it. SBI can make that simple change to make whispering bow good.

      It doesn't affect merk jacket since you get the 2 ticks of healing from both normal and undead arrow damage. It just makes this bow less awkward to use.

      Other small change : make poison shot from Q spell to coat your next auto. It will makes good synergy for auto-based bows and less awkward to use.

      Also speed shot as a self cast like axes, sword, quarterstaff
    • Yea it's obviously so good that it's used everywhere by everybody for every content. Jesus Christ i'm so stupid.

      Sike. It's the one of the least used weapon of the game and for the reason i've mentionned above. I don't mind that whispering bow is not meta, i mind that games mechanics is so frustrating and awkward to deal with, it's already a difficult weapon to use with the number of ways possible to counter it.

      It doesn't buff whispering bow's damage it simply makes it stupidly less unreliable on his damage.
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