Reputation System - Rework Proposal

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    • Reputation System - Rework Proposal

      Hello everyone!

      I was thinking about a new Reputation System, I would like to know what you think about it.

      What would be the advantages or disadvantages it might have? Is it a good or a bad idea? Why?


      Invite both new and veteran players to participate in the Albion Open World by mitigating the abuse of the Zerg.


      In orden to hit other players, Flag up will be necessary.
      Knock down a player (0 assists) increases the bad reputation and put a CRIMINAL mark on.

      CRIMINAL mark last up for 15 minutes.

      0 Knockdowns - Neutral
      3 Knockdowns - Suspicious
      6 Knockdowns - Infamous
      9 Knockdowns - Villanous
      12 Knockdowns - Nefarious
      15 Knockdowns - Dreaded


      If a player knocks down his target without any help, he will generate a CRIMINAL mark.

      A CRIMINAL mark will only last 15 minutes unless the player generates another CRIMINAL mark by knocking down another target.

      If the player manages to keep up to 15 CRIMINAL marks in his character, he will be able to KILL his next targets.

      CRIMINAL marks gained are erased 3 by 3 every 15 minutes. That means for instance, if a player has knocked down 3 targets and in 15 minutes does not succeed in knocking down a new target, he loses the CRIMINAL marks he has won and is left at 1 in this case.

      If a player is attacked down by a group of players (2+), It does not generate CRIMINAL marks. And the victim is just knocked down by 5 minutes.

      Targets can be killed just by Dreaded players; a full group of Dreaded players can also kill its targets.

      Any kind of instanced PvP content like HG, GvG (5v5, 20vs20) will automatically grant Dreaded status to the participants. This could help and encourage PvP content.


      This may change the world layout, by just keeping Blue (Non-PvP) and Red (PvP) zones.

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    • We're probably looking for different end goals. Why should I pvp w/ my buddy when we have to drop 15 heads before realizing any tangible benefit?

      My points have nothing to do with organizing people. Your suggestion dramatically changes the baseline mechanic of the PVP situation at hand - kill a guy, get his stuff.
      In case you forgot, the only way your suggestion allows me to get loot immediately is in the larger PVP structured environments, (HG 5v5, etc) which is literally the exact opposite of what you just said.

      Not to mention, If I can't get 'criminal marks' in a group (2+) but a group (2+) of dreaded can get kills - this means I have to solo kill 15 guys, averaging 1 head every 15 minutes (Lets assume I'm Equartus and can get one every 3-5 minutes) so I've spent 1.25 hours with no results - also potentially attacked, since I"m a red (lootable corpse, btw) - then I could group up, but only if my buddy also is dreaded? Furthermore, the yellow zones would turn into an absolute grief fest - since people would be banging each other left and right just to build up these criminal tokens.

      I guess you couldn't imagine how this would actually effect the PVP playerbase.

      If you are upset with 10 man gank squads, address that directly. I would understand. Restricting a solo kill for 15 heads is what I understood your point to include, and the general 'No thx" criticism I have for it.

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