[UNIFY] Aegis Gratia Eternal - The Eternal Shield - Seeks players with a good attitude - N/A and E/U Timezones Guild - PvP/PvE/Crafting/Gathering/Farming - The Total Package - Martlock Based - 5% Tax - Guild Islands at Every City

    • Hi Barathron,

      You guys appear to be a good match for what im looking for.

      I have been a somewhat typical solo for two months & now finding that want to get more involved in the group PvE content Including Faction Warfare, HCE & world Bosses. As well as the new Random Dungeons.
      I also welcome the opportunity for some small group pvp. I have not yet been into a Black Zone but not afraid of being in Red zones. Tho with the influx of players i would certainly feel more comfortable with a couple of buds around.

      I am also looking for gathering parties to help me get to T6 Mats. Since i can now use T6 gear & have the ability to craft some of them. I could use some support acquiring those Mats.
      (tho my 4.2 & 5.1 are serving me just fine)

      I primarily use Crused Staff (Now Great Cursed). I also recently started using Greater Nature Staff once i learned of the sustain in the open world but also enjoyed using this in the few RDs that i have joined.
      Always find myself suited for support roles!

      As much as i am looking to get involved in the above stated content, what brought me to Albion is the economy. Transporting goods around the different cities to make great profit(tho the actual traveling offers no excitement).
      Do you have guys who also enjoy this economy aspect. Also do you have any organisation for guild owned city plots. I see you promote the guild AH above which is great.

      Never found myself grinding in any game. I simply play. If i happen to gain lots of progress or credit in the process, that is great but not the goal!

      My ingame is Mulgrave.


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    • Long read here, but in simple terms: "Join us, we good guild, much fun for all, we kind ppl, no trolls please."

      This is a solid guild. When I say solid, I mean it caters to all play styles. We have ppl that like to do PvP groups. We have professional gankers that are willing to teach. We all participate in PvE activities like random dungeons together, and you won't hear anyone tell you "You HAVE to use this or that gear to come with us." We have our car dealership lady who can get you any ride you want, be it mammoth, swiftclaw, T6 armored horse, etc. We have an EXTREMELY POWERFUL MACE wielder who can show you the ways of the almighty MACE. We have excellent leadership that know what's what, and what's happening with the game at any given time. They are also very dedicated.......sometimes one of them doesn't seem to sleep ZZZZ. We also have "contracts" to fill merchant orders for other guilds. So, if crafting, trading, and market research is your thing, we got you. Royal faction farming is also a thing that we will occasionally do, and we do them all: Lymhurst, Martlock, any and all.

      Discord is what we use for most of our communication rather than guild websites and forums, so you will need discord to stay well informed. Our discord admins keep us up to date with events that happen from week to week. We have men and women of many ages and backgrounds. We are also active in NA and UK time zones primarily. You won't feel like you're playing alone here for sure. Sometimes ppl will join us and play for a while, then take breaks, but they always come back because we're awesome, and we all play this awesome game together very well.

      One thing that I don't typically see in this guild are elitist. People in this guild understand that helping others get better will make us stronger.

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    • Just in case you missed it first time round!

      Aegis Gratia Eternal - The Eternal Shield

      Friendly, Casually competitive, All play-styles are welcome, Over 21's Only.

      Run by a leadership with over 150 years worth of MMO experience. No Drama, no idiots, just quality gaming.

      Looking for a guild that is friendly and allows you to play the way you want to play with no ties, mandatory content or massive taxes? Fed up of people telling you one thing and then finding out the opposite is in effect? Lots of guilds say they offer everything, but do they?

      Aegis Gratia Eternal - The Eternal Shield is looking for players who understand that real life comes first but who want to push to be the best they can be, players who know that having a laugh with your friends while achieving together is the best thing any game can offer and players who value gaming within a safe non toxic environment.

      We look to push as hard as we can in all aspects of the game while allowing people to play how they want to play, blue zone gatherers to black zone gankers, all are welcome if you have the right attitude. We emphasis quality over quantity so if you want to be part of a guild with a great family feel, we will be your huckleberries.

      We currently have high demand for the following player styles,

      PvP/GvG Interested Players
      Economy based players - Farmers/Gatherers/Crafters

      Contact Barathorn or Zypher91 in-game for more information and a quick chat on discord or just jump into our discord


      We hope to speak to you soon.
      Pre Patch 16 UO Player - Casual PK/Carebear Crafter - Now Old.