The Holy Hand Grenadiers is recruiting new players!

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    • The Holy Hand Grenadiers is recruiting new players!

      The Holy Hand Grenadiers is a Martlock - based friendly competitive guild looking for pvp-focused players and pve minded players alike.

      We're here to break TBI!

      We are new player friendly - we'll show you the ropes and help you out with gear so you can do what you do best. We focus on coaching people to success instead of yelling at them.

      We are competitive PvP focused, Hellgates, Arenas, and Scrims, as well as ZvZ. But everyone needs fame, so we're always running dungeons. We also have a group of gatherers who like to have fun strip-mining zones together. We also offer protection for our gatherers.

      Experienced players - our core player base has been playing this game for awhile, but we're not stuck up; we enjoy helping newer players out as we play together.

      Come hang out with us in our open channel in discord:

      Maybe come do some fame farms with us to see if you like hanging out with us.

      Contact Vegina, Themastermoo or Juztie in-game if your interested.

      Fight with us when you feel like winning. :)

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      Back when i started playing Albion Online, a friend of mine told me to join you and after a short periode of time, i was able to stand on my own, because of the help you guys gave me back then!

      You offered me items to get started, you made up groups for the sake of activating me and helping me reach a point that i had in my horizon !
      You gave me a spot on the GvG team, because i love the pvp aspect of the game and kept teaching me how to move & predict around the map and so much more!

      And today im a Bannerman for the guild !
      Amazing to be able to try out so many things at the same place, so that i could find my path in the game and find a way to enjoy playing Albion Online more then i though i would !

      "I would like to change the world, but i need the source code"
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      We have such a great group of people, I love our players! Feel free to ask any of us any of your questions we can provide as much insight as possible. If you're in guild the only requirement we have is that you have fun, communicate with our members we are all excited to help grow our players. Experienced players have an opportunity to lead and are encouraged to join our GVG teams and take part in Zerg planning.