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    • Build Recommendation

      I spend some time researching tiers and builds and I cant seem to find any updated ones and well I found stuff xD Anyway I want to be a melee DPS and from what I understand axes and spears are being played, not really a fan of axes so I looked into spears and found this build. Opinions and if there is any good affordable halberd builds pls link and share?
    • It really depends on what you're trying to do... solo? 5v5? zerg?

      the 1h spear is pretty universal... glaive is more of a 5man thing imo

      I'd recommend running Stalker Hood/Soldier Armor... if you're in a group of 5+, then you could run Assassin Jacket instead of the armor.
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    • Hey Venen0,

      There are so many build to discover in the world of Albion.

      Looking for meta builds?
      If you are looking for meta related build you can check our the Killboard and click on the "Details" button for a more detailed overview of the particular player. This way you can find build that are used in PvP nowadays.

      Looking for other unique builds?
      What helped me a lot is going to Caerleon and inspect players in the main square! From there I am trying to figure out what build fits me the most and look for melee related builds in your case.

      What information does to community need from you to give you build advice:
      - Your goal, PvE? PvP? (2v2) (5v5) Gathering?
      - What damage/heal type (Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Tank, Healer, Support etc)

      For more questions, please feel free to hit me up with a message or ask the lovely community!